Radian App & Features for Radian 2

New Radian 2 App Feature Overview: DSLR - Phone


Home Screen

  • Create a new time lapse
  • Create a queued set of time lapses
  • Check connection status of Radian 2(s)
  • Direct Drive for smooth motion video
  • Load a preset/saved time lapse
  • Access app and programming settings

Time Lapse

  • Set Pan, Tilt, or Slide degrees/distance
  • Set total time lapse Duration
  • Set time lapse Interval (time between pictures)
  • Save time lapse to Presets
  • Access Advanced time lapse controls
  • View time lapse stats (photos, degree rotation, time lapse duration)

Time Lapse Degrees

  • Pan, Tilt, or Slide degrees/distance
  • Preview time lapse movement
  • Drag wheel or enter degrees on keypad
  • Set rotation direction

Advanced Time Lapse Settings

  • Delay the start of your time lapse
  • Ramp your speed at keyframe intervals
  • Ramp exposure for Holy Grail time lapse (ISO/Shutter)
  • Change hold time to make sure camera is triggered
  • Access and modify camera settings (Shutter, Aperture, ISO)

Speed Ramping

  • Drag keyframes to create different speed intervals
  • Specify Pan, Tilt, or Slide speeds
  • Smoothly slow down or speed up transitions
  • Reset to preset smooth-line graph

Exposure Ramping

  • Set a delay for sudden light shifts
  • Set duration to capture light shift period
  • Set initial value and end value for smooth ramp
  • Ramp Shutter and ISO for Holy Grail time lapse
  • Exposure Value (EV) change preview

Direct Drive

  • Set degrees and seconds
  • Set rotation direction
  • Start Direct Drive
  • Stop Direct Drive
  • Useful with Video

Bluetooth Connection

  • Alert for successful connection
  • Multiple Radian 2s can be connected


  • Specify Radian 2(s) as Pan, Tilt, or Slide
  • See Radian battery info
  • Refresh Radian connection for more devices
  • Rename devices to differentiate connected Radians

Camera Settings

  • Swipe to change camera shutter speed
  • Swipe to change camera aperture
  • Swipe to change camera ISO 
  • Accessible during time lapse operation

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