Radian 2 App/Firmware Update

Please update to App v4.0.1 then then check the firmware version. If it is a v17 do not update. If it is <v16 then perform the update.
Notice: We've gotten reports of issues updating firmware with iOS. We've confirmed the issue on our end (paused updater % or won't start the update). In the meantime your Radian's current firmware will work with the latest Radian App (4.0.1).





1) Things To Be Aware Of:

  • Android users: do not pair with Radian in your phone's Bluetooth settings.
  • iOS10: there are 2 steps to this update- if you have trouble reconnecting after the first step, restart both your Radian and the App. The App will recognize that the first part of the update is finished, and will automatically perform the second update.
  • Make sure the Firmware update reaches 100% and you receive an 'Update Successful!' message.

2) Firmware v17 and App Update 4.0.1:

  • General App stability and UI fixes.
  • iOS 10 Bluetooth Connection fix.
  • Fixed Time Lapse Queuing and Preset menus.
  • Smarter TimeLapse UI.
  • BLE robustness and camera connection.
  • 2/3-Axis Support: In order to program this feature, please specify each individual Radian as Pan/Tilt/Slide.



Quick Fixes/Tips:

  1. If Radian disconnects from the Radian App and doesn't automatically reconnect within 10 seconds, toggle power and allow it to reconnect to the app.
  2. Camera settings aren't displaying correctly: turn the camera off and make sure all settings are set to Manual (M). Reset your Radian from the Troubleshooting page then turn your camera back on while connected to your Radian.
  3. Close out other apps running in the background on your phone. 
  4. Bluetooth: Radian to App connection can take up to 20 seconds. It is sometimes helpful to fully restart both Radian and the App to force connection (Bluetooth low energy looks for connection about every 20 seconds).
  5. Change camera settings during your time lapse: navigate away from the status page and into 'Advanced' > 'Camera Settings' on the time lapse settings menu. 
  6. Be aware of limitations between intervals for Exposure Ramping and Speed Ramping due to the time it takes your camera to save the image to the SD card and the time it takes to move to the next position.

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.