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What is included



Charging Pulse

Pulse has a rechargeable battery which lasts about 24 hours. When Pulse is turned on it will blink 1-4 times to indicate how much of a charge it has. 

To charge Pulse, first turn Pulse off and then plug it in using the charging cable.

Pulse blinks twice every 3 seconds to let you know it is charging. It will stay blue when fully charged.

1. Download the Pulse app

Pulse is controlled with your smartphone or tablet via the Pulse app. This app is available on both the App store and the Google Play Store.

To download the Pulse app onto your smartphone or tablet, search for 'Pulse' in your app store.



2. To connect Pulse to your mobile device

Turn on Bluetooth by going to your phone or tablet settings and double check that Bluetooth is turned on.

Open the Pulse app

Apple: Wait for the app to ask you to select an accessory. Wait for ‘My Pulse’ to appear, then select ‘My Pulse’.

Android: Wait for ‘Pair with My Pulse?’ to appear, and then select ‘Pair’.


Pairing with Pulse on iPhone and Android phones

3. To Connect Pulse to your Camera

Plug in the USB cable provided into Pulse and your camera, then turn on both the Pulse and your camera. Make sure your camera and lens are in full manual (M) mode!

8Pin USB port on Nikon Micro USB port on Canon   Mini USB port on Canon


4. To take a Photo

Press the shutter button on the app. Pulse will blink once every time it takes a photo.
Pulse will show your Image Preview within 10 seconds. Then tap the Image Preview to see a Histogram of your image.

Image preview and histogram preview

Want to learn more? Check out our tutorials! (*Coming Soon*)



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