Pulse Help


For instructions on updating your Pulse, please head here.


The App can't find Pulse

If your Pulse is not being detected by your phone you may see at the bottom of the app screen 'No Pulse Connected'. First make sure your Pulse is turned on and charged at least 50%. If your Pulse blinks twice when turned on, it is at least 50% charged. Also make sure your bluetooth is turned on.

Once you have double checked these things check out this troubleshooting page.

Pulse is not detecting my camera

If your Pulse is connecting to the app but is not detecting your camera you will see 'My Pulse - No Camera' at the bottom of your screen. The circle will be blue, but it will not be filled in. 

If this sounds like the issue you're having, check out this tutorial for how to fix it! 
Can't turn on the thumbnail Toggle on the Photos page

First try to turn the thumbnail toggle on by tapping on it and following the popups to set up a Bluetooth Classic connection. If you've tried that and the connection process doesn't work, please head over to this tutorial for the next steps.

Pulse is not retrieving thumbnails properly

If you are unable to get the thumbnail toggle to turn on your phone is having trouble setting up a Bluetooth Classic connection with Pulse. Please head over to this tutorial to fix this problem. 

If when you take a photo with Pulse the app tries to load the thumbnail (this is be indicated by spinning dots), but you never get an image or it comes back all white, then you probably have a good bluetooth classic connection, but are having trouble retrieving thumbnails robustly. For ways to fix this problem, please see this tutorial

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.