Pulse Image Review Issues

Sometimes Pulse can get into a strange state where it gets a corrupted thumbnail image, and then the thumbnails requested after that are also corrupted. This issue seems to have been resolved with app updates. The newest app version is v1.13.3 (v1.11.3 for Android). We recommend using the newest app. If you are still having trouble with this issue please check the below solutions or shoot us an email. 

Note: Unfortunately this is not the case for the latest releases of iOS (14 and above) and Android (11 and above). We are working to address this issue.


There are a few other reasons that we have found that can result in thumbnails coming back corrupted, or not at all. 

  • Make sure the cable from Pulse to your phone is connected securely. Try reconnecting the cable to Pulse and your camera, and restarting both devices. 
  • Make sure your camera's battery is well charged
  • Some cameras (especially Nikons) have to be put into a special mode to enable USB tethering
  • We have seen that Pulse can have issues retrieving thumbnails on cameras that have multiple card slots. It is possible that if you have a camera with multiple SD or CF cards in it, that Pulse is pulling from the wrong one, which may be empty. Please try only using one card, or saving to a different card. 
  • Change the image quality to something other than RAW + JPEG

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.