Pulse App & Features


For instructions on updating your Pulse for the latest features, please go here.





Home Screen

  • Full control of shutter, ISO, & aperture
  • Start/stop video recording
  • Time lapse with Exposure Ramping and Camera Control
  • Long exposure- manual and timed
  • HDR bracketing- up to 9 shots with +/- 7 EV
  • Photo Booth- custom intervals and image review
  • Pulse battery and camera connection
  • Connected devices list
  • Settings menu to access firmware updates and bug reports



Main Trigger Screen

  • Adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  • Tap Image Preview to reveal Histogram Preview
  • Turn Image Preview on/off (can still trigger and change camera settings)
  • Responsive and immediate trigger button
  • Pulse blinks to confirm you got the shot (to turn this off, go into 'Settings')



Trigger Page Histogram

  • Histogram feedback within seconds
  • Quickly access camera settings to adjust exposure
  • To switch between Histogram and Image Preview, just tap



Camera Settings

  • Change camera settings by swiping or dragging left/right
  • Responsive and fast with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Quickly accessible camera icon in upper right corner on all pages
  • Fully manual lenses may not be able to communicate aperture in the app



Video Settings

  • Start/Stop video recording
  • Change your camera settings to fine-tune exposure
  • Canon: must first set camera to Video Mode
  • Control up to 3 Pulses at once for multiple camera video control



Time Lapse

  • Set the interval between photos and how long your time lapse will be
  • Preview the total number of photos and amount of final TL video footage
  • Once TL is uploaded, you can disconnect from the phone/app. You do not need to stay connected to the app for the time lapse to finish!
  • Icon is responsive and gives countdown information
  • Access advanced settings in upper right corner (...)



Time Lapse Exposure Ramping

  • Delay the start of your exposure ramp
  • Set duration of ramp
  • Set start and end exposure values. Pulse will smoothly ramp the exposure during the time lapse by changing the shutter speed and ISO (easy export for LRTimelapse)
  • Preview the number of photos and exposure value change
  • Note: end exposure value must not be more than interval length, and your camera must have enough time to save the image between intervals



Long Exposure

  • Manual Exposure: keeps the shutter open until you stop it
  • Timed Exposure: set amount of time the shutter will be open 
  • Responsive feedback timer when shutter is held open 




  • Set the number of bracketed photos to be triggered
  • Set the exposure value steps between bracketed images
  • Maximum settings: 9 bracketed images +/- 7 EV stops 
  • Example: 3 images with 1 EV Stop will take 3 separate images at 1/20, 1/10, and 1/5 shutter speeds if initial camera exposure is 1/10s



Photo Booth

  • Pick an interval between 5 and 60 seconds
  • Take up to 10 photos per session
  • Review your images with thumbnail previews to make sure you got the shot(s)
  • Pulse blinks as a countdown and holds blue when photo is triggered




  • Disconnect/reconnect Pulse by tapping the check mark
  • Tap Pulse description to rename device(s)
  • Tap Blink LED and Pulse will flash its LEDs 
  • Drag down on page to scan for Pulse(s)



App Settings

  • Set your App Theme (other versions coming soon!)
  • About displays the app version and current Pulse firmware
  • Debug Mode: if you find a bug, recreate the issue. Then navigate back to this page and click 'Submit a Bug' so our engineers can take a look!



Submit a Bug

  • Once you've recreated the issue, fill out this form and submit it to our team of engineers
  • Bug reports are incredibly useful for solving issues as they contain a full log of camera/app/phone interactions that led to the issue
  • Thanks for the help! We'll get back to you over email if we need more info. 

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.