Pulse App & Features


For instructions on updating your Pulse for the latest features, please go here.




Menu Screen

  • Photo - Full control of shutter, ISO, & aperture
  • Video - Start/stop video recording
  • Time Lapse - Camera control, exposure ramping and long exposure time lapse
  • Long exposure - Manual and timed
  • HDR bracketing - Up to 9 shots with +/- 7 EV
  • Photo Booth- 1 to 9 photos custom intervals and image review
  • Devices - Device connections
  • Connected devices list
  • Settings - App/firmware versions, bug reports and LED control



Main Trigger Screen

  • Adjust ISO, shutter speed, and aperture via camera icon
  • Bluetooth and camera connection displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Turn thumbnails/histogram on and off
  • Responsive trigger button
  • Pulse blinks to confirm you got the shot (to turn this off, go into 'Settings')



Trigger Page Thumbnail/Histogram

  • Turn image preview on/off (can still trigger and change camera settings)
  • Tap Image to toggle between image preview and histogram
  • Quickly access camera settings to adjust exposure



Camera Settings

  • Quickly accessible camera icon in upper right corner on all pages
  • Responsive
  • Change camera settings by swiping or dragging left/right
  • Fully manual lenses may not be able to adjust aperture in the app




  • Start/Stop video recording
  • Adjust your camera settings to fine-tune exposure
  • Canon: must first set camera to Video Mode
  • Control up to 3 Pulses at once
  • Not all cameras supported



Time Lapse

  • Set the interval between photos and the duration of your time lapse
  • Preview the total number of photos and length of final TL video footage
  • Once TL is uploaded, you can disconnect from the phone/app. You do not need to stay connected to the app for the time lapse to finish!
  • Counters displayed once the time lapse is started
  • Access advanced settings in upper right corner (...)




NEW Long Exposure Time Lapse

  • Useful for Astrophotography and other photo opportunities requiring exposures longer than the longest preset one
  • Set camera to Bulb mode and the Time Lapse page automatically enters Long Exposure Time Lapse mode
  • Set Exposure Time, Interval and Duration. Interval defaults to 1.5x Exposure Time but it can be changed by the user however make sure it is long enough to accommodate photo processing
  • Preview the total number of photos and amount of final TL video footage
  • Once TL is uploaded, you can disconnect from the phone/app. You do not need to stay connected to the app for the time lapse to finish!
  • Counters displayed once the time lapse is started



Time Lapse Exposure Ramping

  • Delay the start of your exposure ramp
  • Set duration of ramp
  • Set start and end exposure values. Pulse will smoothly ramp the exposure during the time lapse by changing the shutter speed and ISO (easy export for LRTimelapse)
  • Preview the number of photos and exposure value change
  • Note: end exposure value must not be more than interval length, and your camera must have enough time to save the image between intervals



Long Exposure

  • Manual Exposure: keeps the shutter open until you stop it (time set to infinity)
  • Timed Exposure: set amount of time the shutter will be open 
  • Timer shown when shutter is held open 




  • Set the number of bracketed photos to be triggered
  • Set the exposure value steps between bracketed images
  • Maximum settings: 9 bracketed images +/- 7 EV stops 
  • Example: 3 images with 1 EV Stop will take 3 separate images at 1/20, 1/10, and 1/5 shutter speeds if initial camera exposure is 1/10s



Photo Booth

  • Pick an interval between 5 and 60 seconds
  • Take up to 10 photos per session
  • Review your images with thumbnail previews to make sure you got the shot(s)
  • Pulse blinks during next image countdown and flashes blue when photo is triggered




  • Disconnect/reconnect Pulse with app by tapping the check mark
  • Tap Rename button to add a nickname for the device(s)
  • Tap Blink LED and Pulse will flash its LED 
  • Swipe down on page to scan for Pulse(s)



App Settings

  • About displays the app version and current version of the firmware for the connected Pulse
  • Submit a Bug - see next
  • LED Level allows a user to adjust the brightness of the LED light from high to completely off
  • Permissible Mode - Pulse will not check your camera mode (Manual, Auto, etc...) before shooting. Using this mode can help overcome some communication issues.



Submit a Bug

  • Once you've recreated the issue, fill out this form and submit it to our team of engineers
  • Bug reports are incredibly useful for solving issues as they contain a full log of camera/app/phone interactions that led to the issue
  • Thanks for the help! We'll get back to you over email if we need more info. 

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.