Michron Specs

What is Michron?

Michron is a device that connects to your camera to enable it to take time-lapses. Michron is programmed by your smartphone, and it's compatible with most DSLR cameras. To take a time-lapse, simply program Michron from your phone, connect it to your camera, and sit back while Michron takes the images that will create your time-lapse. You can then follow one of our short tutorials to see how to turn your still images into a time-lapse using free or paid software. 



Time-lapse: Take photos at a regular interval (for instance 1 photo every 5 seconds) over a set duration

Bulb Ramping: The exposure is altered during the time-lapse to capture changing light conditions 

Interval Ramping: The interval with which photos are taken is smoothly changed throughout the time-lapse

HDR: Take multiple images at different exposure levels for each frame to take HDR time lapses


Tech Specs

Programming Compatibility: Michron can be programmed from any iOS or Android device, as well as your PC

Camera Compatibility: Most DSLR cameras, but please [CABLE CHECKER LINK]

Battery Life: 2000+ hours of time-lapse with the included, replaceable, battery 

Weight: At under 1 oz, you will hardly notice Michron in your bag. 

Dimensions: 1.2" short, 1.2" narrow, .75" thin, and designed to sit in your camera's hotshoe

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