Can't Turn on Image Review



If you can control your camera from Pulse but can’t get the thumbnail toggle to turn on on the Photo page of the app, then this tutorial is for you!

Pulse creates a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to your phone and uses that for almost all App control of Pulse. However Bluetooth low Energy isn't fast enough for image transfers, so we also need to set up a Bluetooth Classic connection between Pulse and your phone to retrieve thumbnails. Unfortunately Bluetooth Classic can be a bit finicky! 

Note: Unfortunately this is not the case for the latest releases of iOS (14 and above) and Android (11 and above). We are working to address this issue.

Clearing "My Pulse" From Your Settings

The first thing you'll want to do is go to your phone's bluetooth settings page, and "forget" the pulse bluetooth classic device. If you've never made a bluetooth connection to your Pulse, you won't see it in this page, and there's nothing that you need to do.   

Making a new Connection to Pulse

Once you've done that, stay in your Bluetooth Classic settings page, and turn your Pulse on. Within 30 seconds it should show up again at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to connect to it. Sometimes this can take a couple of tries to make the initial connection. 

Please note that if you may see two devices in your Bluetooth settings, you will want to click on the device that says "My Pulse (....)" not the one that says "Pulse (....)" 

Testing Your New Connection

If that worked, open the Pulse app, and connect to your Pulse. You will not see any popups in the app this time, but you will need to make sure the thumbnail toggle is turned on, if it doesn't do so automatically. Now you should be able to retrieve thumbnails from the photos page! 

      Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.