Product Comparison




Radian 2 USB

Radian 2 Trigger

Radian 2 Phone Camera


Camera Control

Free IOS & Android App x x x x x x
Wireless App Control x x x x - -
Wireless IR Triggering - x - - - -
Wired Remote - x - - - -
Time Lapse
Intervalometer x x x x - x
Time Delay x x x x x x
Exposure Ramping x - x - - -
Bulb Ramping x x* x - - x
ISO Ramping x - x - - -
Speed Ramping - - x x - x
Long Exposure Time Lapse x x - - - -
HDR Time Lapse x - - - - -
Phoneless Time Lapse x x x x x -
Remote Trigger
Change Camera Settings x - x - x -
Multi-Camera Control x - x x - x
Trigger Photos x x x x x x
Image Review x - - - - -
Histogram review x - - - - -


Use camera HDR option

x - - x
Long Exposure x x - - - x
Photo Booth x x - - - -
Start/Stop Video x - - - x (Android only) -
Continuous Shooting -


Use camera option

- - - -
Motion Control
Panning and Tilting - - x x x -
Move-Shoot-Move - - x x x -
Continuous Motion - - x x x -
Physical Specs
Camera Connectivity

USB (Canon and Nikon)

Remote Jack (Radian 2 Trigger)

Remote Jack USB Remote Jack Built in phone Remote Jack
App/Device Connectivity Bluetooth (BLE/BTC) Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE) Direct Audio
Weight 1 oz 0.75 oz 15 oz 15 oz 15 oz  1 oz
Dimensions 1.57 x 2.36 x 0.69" 1.35 x 2.1 x 0.47" 4.57 x 1.77" 4.57 x 1.77" 4.57 x 1.77" 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.75"
Battery Lithium Ion Rechargeable Coin Cell*** Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable Replaceable Coin Cell
Battery Life Up to 12 hours 2000+ hours Up to 100 hours Up to 100 hours Up to 100 hours 2000+ hours
Battery Charge Time 4 hours - 6 hours 6 hours 6 hours -
Firmware Upgradeable x Contact Us x x N/A -

* For HDR and Bulb ramping the fastest shutter speed is 1/10 because the app starts and stops the shutter with the camera in Bulb mode. The Spark app can also initiate a camera programmed HDR sequence.

** Spark support both emulated (app controlled, 1 sec between pictures) and on camera continuous shooting

*** Contact us at for replacement instructions



Pulse connects to your camera through USB and controls your camera's shutter, ISO, aperture, and video wirelessly over Bluetooth up to 100 feet using the Pulse App for iOS or Android. Advanced features including: Time Lapse, Exposure Ramping, Video Start/Stop, and Thumbnail Image/Histogram transfer. Control up to 3 Pulses at once and free up your phone's wifi and battery. Pulse lasts for 24 hours for a full day's work- you'll always want it on your camera! Check out Pulse Specs.


Spark is a 3-in-one remote that combines the power of app control, the range of IR triggering, and the reliability of a traditional wired remote. Pair that with a battery that lasts for more than 2000 hours of use, and you’ve got a remote ready for any occasion.

    Radian 2

    Radian 2 controls your camera's shutter, aperture, and ISO and allows you to add panning, tilting, and/or sliding motion to your time lapses. Wirelessly program Radian 2 over Bluetooth from the Radian App for iOS or Android. Avoid blurry images with move-shoot-move time lapse intervals and take smooth video with continuous movement. Control up to 3 Radians at once for 2-3 axis movement. Radian 2 uses Bluetooth to free up your phone's wifi and lasts 24 hours for a full day's work! Check out Radian 2 Specs.


      Michron creates advanced time lapses on any camera with a shutter port and is so small you'll never want to leave it behind. The [Michron App] allows you to upload features such as Bulb Ramping, Interval Ramping, and HDR without staying connected to your phone. Michron allows you to avoid accidentally moving your camera with an external or phone-connected trigger. Check out the Michron Specs- this is our original Kickstarter product! 

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