Alpine Partners and Community

Alpine Labs was born from the support of people like you through the power of Kickstarter. Five products and campaigns later, photographers are using Alpine Labs products to capture their vision in over 100 different countries. Below is a list of our Partners and a small gallery as well as a few specific creators who have really moved the needle using Alpine gear. If you are new around here, take a look around and let us know if you need anything. Welcome to our home.

Our Partners


Pictureline opened in Salt Lake City, February 1989 and became a partner to Alpine Labs in 2022 selling the Pulse and Spark products. For more information on Midwest Photo please check out their website: For Alpine Labs products, check out this page:


 The People

To the first time night photographer, the intrepid backpacker, the time lapse aficionado, the experimentalist, the traveler, the visionary... To the thousands of photographers already a part of Alpine community, thank you for being here and sharing your stories.

Tim Jones

Tim Jones is a 54 year old wheelchair photographer who resides in Daphne, Alabama. He loves photographing portraits, sports & landscapes. He’s challenged with neuropathy in his hands & fingers. Because of the numbness, he has difficulty locating the shutter button. He came up with the idea of using the Spark as his shutter release by placing it in his mouth. He says he couldn’t be happier. The Spark has given him the ability to once again be passionate about his God given purpose.

Mark Dingee

Mark Dingee is a 26 year old nature and wildlife photographer based in Colorado. Mark is no stranger to the world of photography, and we are excited to share his thoughts on one of his favorite pieces of equipment - the Radian 2. A true game-changer in the world of panning timelapses, the Radian 2 has won Mark's heart and become an indispensable tool in his photography arsenal.

"The Radian 2 is one of my favorite pieces of equipment in my photography bag. It allows any level of photographer to capture stunning panning timelapses. It is so easy to set up and use. The mobile app makes creating timelapses a walk in the park. If any photographer is struggling with creativity, I would highly recommend getting the Radian 2 to inspire you to get really cool shots." - Mark Dingee. 

More Than Just Parks

Will and Jim Pattiz (brothers) began the More Than Just Parks (MTJP) project in 2014 and kicked off a decade plus journey to chronicle every single National Park with time lapse and film. On their first film (Olympic National Park) they shot with Radian to match the light and fast style necessary for this kind of work. After the film release, Alpine Labs and the Pattiz brothers began a multi year partnership that continues to grow. MTJP has expanded into creating films for the National Forest Service and the Department of the Interior to showcase the stunning variety of landscapes in the United States, often times in places that see many fewer visitors than the National Parks. We hope their work continues to inspire people to get outside and enjoy these national treasures right in our backyard.


Filming America’s National Parks and public lands requires specialized gear that enables you to capture some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. We went to Alpine Labs from the start and have never looked back. - Jim Pattiz. 

"Alpine Labs gear has been there from the start for us and has been the most used pieces equipment throughout our films. We don't go anywhere without it." - Will Pattiz

Lynn Lewis

When you look at Lynn Lewis's photos, you just feel it. Her images capture love, fire, sensuality, and joy unlike we've ever seen. Few people have the sensitivity to identify such intimate moments let alone create the context for them to happen all while keeping a camera in hand! Then, getting subjects to feel at ease so that they can get to a place of vulnerability and transparency is one of the most difficult challenges of portraiture. Lynn is an expert, and it allows her to capture photos as complex and unique as the people in them. Sprinkle in a taste for adventure and the outdoors, and you get photos like the one below.

I'm all about documenting authentic real-life love stories through photography - and that includes our own. We never leave for a trip without our Spark or Pulse packed, ready to explore, discover new perspectives, and return with stories behind every waterfall trek, mountain hike, and campervan adventure.

- Lynn Lewis, Wedding and Proposal Photographer.


Skyglow Project

The stars have always inspired our dreams and creativity, as well as kept us humble. In many urban places the stars are completely hidden at night posing risks for our mental health and our connection to and appreciation of the natural world. Renowned time lapse filmmakers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan are working to change that. For the last three years, they've travelled over 150,000 miles exploring and photographing the magnificent night skies of North America while spreading the word on the grave threat of urban light pollution both to our fragile environment and our minds. "SKYGLOW explores the history and mythology of celestial observation, the proliferation of electrical outdoor lighting that spurred the rise of the phenomena known as "skyglow,” and the Dark Sky Movement that's fighting to reclaim the night skies." Their work has been featured by rock legends The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, as well as in BBC Earth, National Geographic, Time, National Park Service, and over 1000 media outlets. SKYGLOW images and videos have been seen by over half a billion people.


The Skyglow Project is about showing people what we’re losing with the eradication of the night sky. Alpine Labs gear is invaluable in helping us capture the beauty of our endangered skyscapes. Their products help us shoot amazing footage without having to lug around super heavy and expensive equipment. - Gavin Heffernan

Alpine Labs has helped SKYGLOW capture the wonder of the night skies for years, especially those day to night transitions that cannot be accomplished by camera alone.
- Harun Mehmedinovic