Meet Tim Jones

April 02, 2024


I became a news photographer in Huntsville and later for a couple of stations in Birmingham. I loved telling stories with a beginning, middle, and an ending that ended up winning many awards. Our family moved to Mobile in 2006 and I worked for a TV station in Mobile. But the industry was changing — storytelling was less important, so I shifted into real estate photography. I started getting sick in 2020 with a very severe case of chronic inflammatory, demyelinating, polyneuropathy (CIDP) and was no longer able to feed myself, sit up, or stand on my own, let alone work. Accepting my limitations made them easier to deal with even though I’m unable to walk unassisted. But I’m getting stronger and figuring out new ways to use a camera.

From my wheelchair, I’m becoming a photographer again. I have dexterity issues, so I put a strap and cage on my camera so if the camera slips out of my hands, it won’t fall. I can’t feel the button to take photos, so I bought a user-friendly camera with good stabilization and automatic functions and allows me to touch the screen and snap the photo. I can then wirelessly transfer my images from the camera to the phone. More recently, I found a device that is making it even easier for me to take the kind of pictures I am used to, the Alpine Labs Spark.

Because I have dexterity issues that cause me to miss pictures and I cannot feel the shutter button, I can put the Spark in my mouth and get the picture I want.
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Combining the rotational capabilities of the Radian 2 with the advanced time lapse capabilities of the Pulse can lead to even more spectacular time lapses.

The Radian 2 offers some advanced features for Canon and Nikon cameras including take a photo, HDR and bulb, ISO and exposure ramp for time lapses. The Pulse offers some more advanced features including Video, Long Exposure Time Lapse, HDR Time Lapse and Long Exposure as well as thumbnails.

The Pulse also works with the latest Nikon and Canon models.

Watch both in action here.


Feature Comparison


By combining the Radian 2 and the Pulse you can stretch your imagination even further to create spectacular time lapses and videos.


May 23, 2022

Small towns are not known for their busy streets and loads of people. I call the small town of Clovis New Mexico home. Clovis has no mountains, no hills, and certainly no blatant views.  Life does not change quickly, people do not travel quickly, and buildings do not rise quickly. Time seems to stand still in Clovis, thus inspiration for photography can be slow at times. Life is very easy and slow, some would say boring, I like to say mundane.  The mundane is a beautiful thing to capture, it is beauty with simplicity. Plants, cows, people, sunsets, and simple buildings, all lovely things to find and photograph. Mundane photos are like a spark of motivation, lighting the fire for more inspiration.  I have been doing photography for a little more than two years now and I have found that in the moment photos with no preparation are my favorite type to take, the mundane will appear out of nowhere.  Almost like a method actor, I like to capture my subjects when they are genuinely happy or in their natural environment. A rather vague statement, but if I can catch the spark of the beauty, that one fleeting moment, it makes me all the more happy. I have wanted to dabble in long exposure photos but haven't had the items to assist me in doing so. Thus, I have put my faith in Alpine Labs to deliver. Here's to capturing more of the mundane, here's to capturing life in a moment.

A breakfast snack- James Skuse @Skuse_Photos

Slot Canyon Las Cruces- James Skuse @Skuse_Photos

Where to Find Us

March 15, 2022

At Alpine Labs, we have been increasing our engagement on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon and Google, to provide additional information, demonstration videos, and alternate support paths. We are also partnered with a camera shop, Midwest Photo, which is based out of Columbus Ohio. Here is a quick summary of each.


On Facebook, feel free to reach out to us with your general questions either via comments or through Messenger. Our products are also available in the Facebook Marketplace.


Instagram is our most popular platform and has been revamped to provide additional information. We have created highlight reels here that contain general information about each of our products and a “Learn” highlight with even more information on how to use our products.



Check out our recent posts and newly featured reels. Also, feel free to reach out with any general questions.


We are now on TikTok as well, where we will be posting bite-sized videos with quick tips. Feel free to reach out to us here as well if you have any general questions.


Both our Spark and Pulse products are available for purchase on Amazon.

Spark can be found here:

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Google Merchant:

Our products are available in the Google Merchant shop and can be access using the “Buy on Google” selection.

Midwest Photo:

We are also partnered with Midwest Photo, a camera store based in Columbus, Ohio. Midwest Photo sells our Pulse wireless remotes both in their store and online here. See for more details or you can reach them at 614-261-1264.

For any specific questions with orders or troubleshooting, please contact us at

Huntington Beach

October 01, 2020

Los Angeles is a well-known as a special place all for its diversity. For a photographer, it is even more spectacular as it offers a wide variety of environments to capture, so it is a diamond in the rough. Of course, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills are excellent places for a photographer, but one of the reasons I call Los Angeles a diamond in the rough is because of places like Huntington Beach, a scene crawling with surfers, students, and partiers from dawn until dusk. However, it is from dusk until dawn when the real beauty of this place shines for me. When most people go to the beach at night, they see nothing but darkness and emptiness. This is why Huntington has almost a cult-like following at night, because it is where people deal with the troubles they just could not resolve during the day. On this night it was just me, with no one else in sight, and I didn’t feel dark or empty. I felt alive. Whether it was the mixture of the cold ocean breeze or the occasional drag race down PCH, something just made me feel like this place has a beauty I hadn’t seen yet. The only way I know how to really see the beauty in something is by capturing it in a photo, so I set out to do that with my trusty Sony A7II 35mm f2, and my new Alpine Spark. Long exposure photography has been a genre I have been obsessed with since I started my journey in photography back in 2015.The only thing stopping me from practicing and pursuing it was my lack of a wireless remote. Well, that has since changed and so has my photography. Long exposure shows you the beauty of things not one human being can see with their naked eyes and it showed me a side of Huntington I’ll never forget.

Life Guard Shack - Alex Rodriguez @ax.rodriguez

Light on the Beach - Alex Rodriguez @ax.rodriguez


September 19, 2019

As the heat starts to fade and the morning air gets a slight edge, here at Alpine, we've started reflecting on a wonderful summer of travel and local adventures. Seasons are quite visually and climatically present in our home of Colorado and we do our best to embrace the change. While there is a sadness for the end of summer, there is also an excitement for the slow approach of winter, its crisp beauty, and for us photographers, its endless golden hour. And not to be forgotten, autumn's fleeting splash of color along the way. We hope you'll make some time in the coming months to go outside or in and find your own gold.

Here are a few summer photos from the community that caught our eye:

Travis Maher times it just right on Independence Day.


@ant_pruitt with his take on street photography and some digital paint.


Small villages, big skies. Dhanker, India by one of the family @atulhaldankar


@storiesofpixels putting on a clinic of composition and light. The Louvre, Paris, France.

As always, please let us know if you need anything. Happy autumn!

-The Alpine Team



Photos From the Field 3

February 06, 2018

Here's another round of some of our favorite photos that you've taken. We're frequently inspired by the creativity and technical ability of Alpine photographers. We hope that by sharing these brief galleries you find inspiration through seeing what our community has been creating and maybe even feel motivated to explore your own creative boundaries. Please share your photos and time lapses for us all to see by using the hashtag #alpinelabs. :)

Photos From the Field

Could there be a more iconic shot of San Francisco than Francisco Pereira's?

Nige Levanterman takes in all the colors of Burano, Italy.

Richard Hazel gets his feet wet to photograph this ship wreckage.

Pier obsession by Joe Graham.

Brent Hall combines half a time lapse of shots to compile this single frame.

Sound wave by Ben Nimz.

We love seeing what you shoot! Tag your photos using #alpinelabs and follow us on Instagram to see more of what our community is creating!

Happy Shooting!
The Alpine Team

Photos From the Field 2

January 04, 2018

Hi there!

The Alpine community consistently inspires us, makes us a bit jealous, and reaffirms our desire to make the best gear possible. Ultimately, we believe the world is a more open, honest and informed world when people create powerful photographs. So we get stoked on all the powerful photographs and time lapses that you take. Here are a few that caught our eye and would like to share with you.

Photos From The Field

The Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland by Rohit Verma.


Early morning in Sydney by Billy Brown.

Richard Crook blends 5 images together to capture the soft headlight trails.

Nige Levanterman captures the chaos of London.

Flood gates by Ben Nimz.

Oliver Asis takes in a starry night from Anza Borrego desert in California.

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Happy Shooting!
The Alpine Team


Over the past couple of years Atul has gone from an office career to a full time photographer working with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and Jaguar. Here he shares a few of his photos and a little bit about what led him to say goodbye to a stable job and hit the road with a camera and motorcycle.


Atul Haldankar

Mumbai, India

How did you get your start in photography?

Photography for me started off when I moved out to Bangalore from Mumbai for work, and met my then girlfriend Sonia, who had a digital camera. We would travel to city outskirts on a motorcycle, looking out for beautiful landscapes it had to offer, and somewhere between packed weeks and long hours at work, we would be thinking of our next travel. We felt the need to capture these landscapes that had such an impact on our lives so we both put in our savings and bought our first dslr together.  I instantly knew back then that this was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Six years down the line, I am married to both, Sonia and photography, inseparable parts of my life.

Tell us about quitting your job for photography.

I had worked for about 5 years in the IT Industry as a Human Resources professional when the photography bug bit me hard and I found myself at crossroads. One fine day, opportunity came knocking on my door as I got a chance to join PowerDrift, India's biggest automotive channel and above all a group of individuals determined to change the way people looked at automotive media, and I had a chance to bring timelapse to their already brilliant content. I did not waste a minute thinking and took the plunge thanks to a super supportive family who made this change from a working professional to an artist such an epic journey. Our undying love for our natural environments and to be surrounded by them, the desire to bring surreal beauty of our fragile and beautiful planet is a daily inspiration to be a photographer every single day. I have never felt better.

What about time lapse? What draws you to it?

I believe time lapse is the only way we can bend, if not break the time-space continuum. It enables us to step back from a world that moves at a second's pace to visit a world that would otherwise be impossible for us to view. It shows me that beautiful things happen, when time passes, and that itself tells a tale. Change of seasons, nature's bloom and landscapes both urban and natural come alive when touched by time lapse. It has almost become a life mantra for me - "Why take a picture when you can take a timelapse." It’s a way of life for me now. 

Time lapse in the last few years has exploded to everything from art to science. Across focal lengths, time lapse has the ability to go beyond an art, even aid science. Time lapse of satellite images is helping us understand how human activity is shaping the planet over time, while macro time lapses of micro-organisms and smaller objects is revealing nature's beauty and  secrets. I have watched time lapses of bees making hives, plants growing, seasons changing over months almost every focal length and have learnt something about patterns that are almost invisible to our linear lives. Time lapse, is constantly evolving thanks to help from technology and a global community that tries many things; into so many other forms today. Motion control, hyperlapse and astrophotography are evolving fast. It is changing the face of landscape photography. And this dynamic nature of this art is what makes it worthwhile! It’s amazing.

Any favorite gear?

When I took my first steps in the time lapse world, I was a bit worried about the sky-high cost of motion control equipment and even wondered if this was something for the masses - everyday people like me who pursued time lapse as a hobby - albeit a serious one. And I came across the Radian, which almost changed my life, and definitely changed my game. I spent the next 3 years with the Radian as a staple part of my equipment and it enabled me to create content that I never imagined. It took me from a hobby time lapse guy to a time lapse cinematographer, and is my inseparable companion on every assignment. It has never failed, or malfunctioned, from 40 degree (Celsius) summers to negative temperatures at 19,000ft, even when my cameras have refused to fire. It makes me feel proud to be associated with this brand, and the values your products stand by. Alpine Labs love for celebrating our precious environments is shared the family of artists they stand by, it feels amazing to feel like a part of this. I may have never met the people who make all this possible but I feel I know how they are, and that's the power of a good brand backed by solid values and amazing people. Three cheers to this team!

Whether it's time lapsing, taking photos or following other meaningful pursuits we hope that, like Atul, you find inspiration to chase after what matters most to you!

Happy Exploring!
The Alpine Team

Photos From the Field 1

December 05, 2017

Hi there!

We love seeing what you are all creating with Alpine gear and where you're traveling around the world! Collectively you've been experimenting with new ideas and exposing us to new places and unique ways of seeing things. Here's a brief gallery of a few that we'd like to share with you. To see more, as well as share your photos, use #alpinelabs and be sure to follow us on Instagram. :)

Photos From the Field

Rohit Verma makes the tallest building in the world smooth and soft with this 60 second exposure in Dubai.

Speed of Light by Federico Beltran.

Eerie beams taken with a wide angle lens by Billy Brown.

Seattle in grey scale by Ben Nimz.

Jonathan Jonderko takes in the sunshine while snapping a selfie with the Brooklyn Bridge.

Want your photos in this blog? Tag them with #alpinelabs and we'll be sure to see them!

Happy Shooting!
The Alpine Team

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