Watermelon Time Lapse

July 21, 2017

Sometimes time lapse inspiration comes in pretty unexpected ways. We recently rediscovered an amazing video (and story) from yesteryear that will hopefully make you laugh and maybe provide some ideas for your next time lapse film.

Around the time we first started making Michron (one of our very first products), Blake Gardner ordered an extra camera cable from our website. When the package arrived he opened it up to find that instead of receiving the cable, our fulfillment center accidentally shipped him 2 dozen Ninja-Fruit-Watermelons! Fortunately we both no longer work with that fulfillment center and were able to fix the shipment pretty fast.

To highlight the comedy of the situation, Blake went out and by using both Michron and the watermelons, created one of our favorite time lapse videos of all time! Head over to Blake's blog to read his full story. :)


We're Carbon Neutral!

April 21, 2017

Hi everyone!

Spark just hit $150k on Kickstarter and tomorrow is Earth Day! As we begin producing a new product, we wanted to give you an inside look at how we operate and what we do to leave the world better off than how we found it.

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve taken a new step this year and conducted an environmental impact report for Alpine Labs, as well as offset our greenhouse emissions so that we are fully carbon neutral. Though very few companies of our size take account of their emissions or report them, we feel that it's the right thing to do.

We do our best to create photography gear of lasting value that improves people’s lives. The better your gear, the less you need. Throughout our design process our ethos is to reduce waste and increase efficiency and we rely on product designs and production tools that accomplish this. Especially being a hardware company, we are proud of how small our 2016 impact was. We hope that this report inspires other companies and the community to question and reflect on their own impact and what they can do about it.


Sustainability at Alpine Labs

In total, our actions were responsible for just over 250 metric tonnes of CO2e. That equates to the emissions from 27 houses over the course of a year, or burning the coal carried in one and a half train cars.

Considering that Alpine Labs both makes hardware electronics and that we ship our products to over 90 countries around the world, we are excited about how efficient our operation is. Seemingly small things add up when you do them tens of thousands of times - like working with UPS and our warehouse to design packaging that is lightweight, fits their ideal transport characteristics, and is plastic free and recyclable.

We're Carbon Neutral

For the first time ever, we are carbon neutral! We worked with Natural Capital Partners a world leader in protecting biodiversity and offsetting emissions. We chose two projects to support, one in rural China to match our manufacturing efforts there and another in New York to offset our US operations. By purchasing these offsets, we are able to reduce the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.


In China, our offsets provide solar cook stoves to low income families that otherwise burn coal to cook. The solar cookers hugely improve both indoor air quality and the families health and allows them to save about 10% of their annual income that is otherwise spent on coal. In New York, our offsets are used to capture methane gas released by a landfill which is then burned for energy production. These offsets also support wetland conservation in the areas surrounding the landfill and the creation of more than 140 construction and energy jobs. 

To see the complete Alpine Labs Sustainability Report, click here. 


As a company born through crowdfunding, we feel empowered to think about our impact broadly - from product, to people, to the environment. Our origins also give us the freedom to manage our company as we see best and to do what we think is right. Your support allows us to keep moving forward. Thank you for being a part of the journey.

-The Alpine Team

Introducing Spark!

April 06, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that next week we will be launching Spark, the latest addition to the Alpine Labs product family!

Spark camera remote

More versatile than anything we've designed before, Spark has three unique triggering modes: wireless infrared, traditional wired triggering, and smartphone app control. It also has expanded camera compatibility for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm and others.

We've been eager to announce Spark ever since we created the first prototypes. We'll post another blog update before the launch with more details.

Happy shooting!

The Alpine community hit a new milestone with photographers breaking one million photos taken with Pulse camera remote and intervalometer! Collectively you've been discovering new ways to photograph the night sky, experimenting with new ideas and exposing us to unique ways of seeing things. We wish we could show all the incredible moments captured around the world. Here is a brief gallery of a few that we'd like to share with you.


Photos from the field

- A magnificent and otherworldly subterranean adventure by @mr.bootstraps.


- Self portrait by @nitishq at home in the Pacific Northwest.


- Lynn Lewis, a San Francisco wedding photographer, takes selfies too.


- @_calebv_ plays at sunset with some steel wool, a string and fire. 


- Bring a wide lens to Iceland for the tall waterfalls as @take_meanywhere did.



Lance Page of Page Films constantly pushes the boundaries of time lapse. In ReflectionVOID, his latest film, he set out to study the human perspective of outer space by photographing mirror reflections and examining the images that result from moving both the camera and the mirror.

As Lance describes, “a man finds a portal in the desert, a window into another world that seems to have a mesmerizing pull. As he approaches and discovers his reflection, we as the audience suddenly enter the VOID. The desert is now black with scattered portals reflecting the harsh landscapes and starry night skies. The plants and rocks feel threatening and a mysterious human-like figure appears to blend in with the desert grit. The VOID represents a new perspective, an apprehensive curiosity of the unknown. The more the stars dance around in portal reflections the more it becomes clear that we are in a beautiful place and the mysterious figure is simply celebrating the Universe around us.”


As always, please let us know if you need anything. We're a team of real live humans and are here to help!

- The Alpine Team


The Holidays and Black Friday

November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we prepare for the holiday weekend and head into December, we wanted to send you an update with a couple pieces of news: Black Friday, your latest inspiring photos, and a cool new photography gadget we found! 


Black Friday

This Black Friday, we will be donating 100% of profits to the National Park Foundation. When we first started this company much of our inspiration came from visiting and taking photos of wild places such as Yosemite. Sharing these moments and experiencing them with friends motivated us to help others do the same. 

The Thanksgiving Holiday is meant to be a time of gratitude where we celebrate the things we love. At Alpine Labs, we’re doing that by giving back to the places that both helped us get here and continue to inspire us. We hope all of you are able to spend some time with the people and in the places that are important to you as well. Happy Thanksgiving! 

- A few members of the Alpine Team celebrating in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tools of the Trade

In the last couple of months over 300,000 photos have been taken with Pulse! We’re thrilled that all of you are out there shooting and creating with Alpine gear. Below are just a few of the photos you’ve shared that have inspired us!

Also, on a quick technical note: there are Firmware and App updates for both Pulse and Radian 2, so make sure you are running the latest software! 

-Kickstarter backer Brian Drourr getting wild with some long exposure light painting. 104 seconds of an open shutter, some steel wool, and LED’s.


-Not sure if this was photographed and then digitized, or just painted from the beginning. But either way a great piece of art by @salmanlp


- Incredible fall colors shot by @Travellers_Art


1000 Lumens in your hand

Life Lite on Kickstarter

Our friends over at Lume Cube launched their first product on Kickstarter a few years ago. This impressively powerful little device can be used for epic lighting (or light painting) with anything from a DSLR to a cell phone. If you’ve never shot with external lights, Lume Cube makes it easy. They also just launched a new Kickstarter for their latest product the Līfe Līte. This device packs 1000 lumens (that’s 300 more lumens that a car headlight!) into one extremely portable tool. We just backed for three and can’t wait to test them out.  


That’s all for now. We’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off this week to spend time with friends and family. If you need help with anything shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can next week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shooting!

- The Alpine Team

Pulse Photos From The Field

October 31, 2016

The Alpine community has been shooting really amazing photos with Pulse the last couple weeks. From epic long exposures to a new National Park time lapse video, here are some of our favorites!


Sunset Self Portraits

Will Pattiz shot this self portrait in the Uinta National Forest - a quiet and rarely visited corner of Utah. The Mirror Lakes Scenic Byway takes you right through the heart of the wilderness and you’ll probably have the place to yourself.  

Blurred Cars with Bay Bridge

Kickstarter Backer @kylekleinphoto shot this 3.5 minute long exposure from the top of the historic Lombard street in San Francisco.

Red Aspens and Early Snow

Winter comes early to the high elevations of Colorado. Red Aspens at Bear Lake hold onto the last of their color as the first snows arrive in Rocky Mountain National Park.  - Shot by Bob Parkinson

The Northern Lights of Minnesota

The Pattiz brothers took their Pulse to the desolate Voyageurs National Park up in Minnesota and experienced some spectacular moments. After two weeks of shooting time lapses they’ve got another video for us to enjoy which will also be launching on Nov 2nd!

Longs Peak Milky Way

“The Diamond” on Longs Peak makes for an epic complement to the midnight stars. At an elevation of 11,803 ft, Chasm Lake is both a cold and beautiful place to pitch your tent. Shot by Alpine team member @greg_horvath

Pulse gives you the power to get the shots you’ve only imagined. Join the community and see what you can create.


-The Alpine Team


Hey there everyone!

Over the last two weeks Pulse shipped to more than 12,000 Kickstarter backers in 86 different countries and this week Pre-Orders are shipping to many of you. Pulse has come a long way since this project started and at the same time, this is just the beginning.

On November 2nd Pulse launches for normal sales and immediate shipping. Here’s a sneak peek at what it’s been like to use Pulse so far.


The essential camera remote


-Self portrait by Kickstarter Backer @LynnChang. Check out her trip to Yosemite with Pulse!

Pulse gives you complete control over your camera, wherever you are sitting. With Image Review, you can check your histogram and change your camera settings to make sure you always get the shot. 

Follow your eye

Pulse goes where you go - from scrambling in the mountains to pulling off a complex angle in the studio. With Pulse’s 24 hours of battery life and 100 foot wireless range, it’ll never hold you back.

See the unseen

Long exposure taken with Pulse of a photographer in South Africa.

Take on the night with features like Long Exposure and HDR to create shots you never thought possible. Or step up your game and shoot the Holy Grail of time lapses with Pulse’s most sophisticated feature: Time Lapse Exposure Ramping.  


With features for any kind of shot and a design that allows you to focus on your vision, Pulse takes on your biggest projects. We can’t wait to see what you shoot with it.


- Greg and the Alpine Team

Hey there everyone,

Over the past few months we've been building and manufacturing Pulse. Continue reading for some exciting progress and a quick update to close out June and head into July. Also, our friends at More Than Just Parks recently used Alpine Labs gear to shoot their best video yet - check it out below!

Testing Pulse in the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado USA

Pulse Development 

As most of you know we've had our noses to the grindstone ever since the Pulse campaign closed and we're happy to say that Pulse is coming together beautifully. The App and Firmware are proving quite robust and Beta users from our Pulse Kickstarter have been testing the various features.

See the screenshots for a sneak peak at how you can control your camera's exposure time and video along with monitoring light levels and reviewing the photo you just took. 

Pulse Manufacturing

We expect to complete Pulse manufacturing by the end of July and make next-day shipping available in August.

For more in-depth information about the Pulse App, electronics and manufacturing please check out our latest Kickstarter Update!


Inspecting Pulse printed circuit board assemblies in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. 

MTJP Time Lapse

The Pattiz brothers from More Than Just Parks continue to amaze us. They're on a mission to timelapse every park in the United States and this time they used Michron and Radian to capture the rugged and desolate Badlands National Park. Their work grounds us to why we started making tools for photographers in the first place: to help you capture incredible moments. We hope you enjoy it! (Don't miss the fun timing at 2:39.)


From everyone at Alpine Labs, thank you for the support. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with Pulse! Check back for more details on shipping in the coming month.

Have an awesome week!

-The Alpine Labs Team 

Hi Everyone,

Steve here with the update - we've got two big pieces of news today. The Pulse campaign closes in about 18 hours and Radian 2’s are shipping to Kickstarter Backers right now. What a week!  We’ve also got a pretty incredible time lapse to share as well.


The Pulse Kickstarter campaign closes this Friday at 9pm PST, and it just hit $1 million in funding! That’s more than our past 3 Kickstarter campaigns combined. Once things calm down a bit, we’ll write up a post explaining what this means for Alpine Labs and our current users. But for now we just wanted to give you all a heads up that we’re entering into the final stretch of the campaign and the last chance to get Pulse at the current discounted price.


Radian 2's are shipping

We are certainly bummed about the delays we experienced in getting Radian 2's finally out the door, but we are really glad to be finally shipping! It ended up being a marathon week here, what with doing a firmware update on all devices (an unanticipated task), and starting to actually ship out about 1000 packages.

For those of you interested in getting a Radian 2, but who have not ordered one, we anticipate that we will be ready to ship the next set of orders in January. We also won’t have much extra stock once we’ve delivered on current pre-sales, so if you are pretty sure you want one, we recommend acting soon. We don’t know when the next batch will be built and ready, but it probably won’t be before April.


Dishdance Time Lapse

And no blog post would be complete without a stunning piece of time lapse videography. Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan are at it again with the latest installment for their SKYGLOW project. This video features observatories across the nation and the beautiful stars they look upon.



-Steve and The Alpine Team


17 Pulse Launches Tomorrow!

November 09, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Just following up on last week's blog post to let you know that...

Pulse goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow 9am PST (Nov 10th). 

Unfortunately we don’t get a Kickstarter campaign link until the page is actually live, so we’ll send out a follow-up e-mail tomorrow with the actual link once we get it. We can't wait to show you everything it does but for now here is a little more information.

So what is Pulse?

Pulse controls your camera through its USB port, and is wirelessly controlled by your smartphone or tablet over bluetooth. Like Radian 2 it can also operate as a standalone device for time lapse control, and it can move thumbnail images to your camera. 


It is Small

We’ve designed Pulse to be compact, so that you can always have it with you, without having to plan ahead. And with its internally rechargeable battery (and 24+ hours of battery life) Pulse saves the hassle of carrying extra batteries.

It is Powerful

Pulse has a 100ft range to your smartphone or tablet, making it ideal for group shots and epic selfies, as well as for capturing crisp long exposure images. You can also now shoot video and control multiple cameras at once.


It Takes Epic Time Lapses

While Pulse is very much designed to be a remote camera trigger, we’re still suckers for a good time lapse controller, and we’ll be putting a whole lot of cool time lapse features into Pulse. And with Pulse’s control of your ISO and Shutter speed, this will allow for effortless day to night time lapses in a compact and affordable device.

That’s all for now, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the official page link once it goes live tomorrow morning!

-The Alpine Team