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Radian 2 is back!

360 Degree Time Lapses

An extraordinary bluetooth camera remote.

Born out of frustrations with similar devices, Radian 2 is the next evolution in time lapse photography. Wirelessly control your camera’s shutter and advanced intervalometer settings from up to 100 feet away. Trusted by pros everywhere, Radian 2 has the features and durability you expect while still keeping things simple so that you never miss your shot.

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Full 360 Time Lapse


  • Wireless Control

    Set time lapse, adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO from up to 100 feet away.

  • Time Lapse

    Delay start, speed ramp, exposure ramp and shutter press duration. After starting your timelapse, you can disconnect your phone without interrupting shooting.

  • Motion Control

    Panning and Tilting, Move-Shoot-Move, Continuous Motion.

Take on the Night

with long exposure

The Diving Board, Yosemite

The Biggest Small Thing in Photography.

“A set-it-and-forget it device. Pulse connects instantly and is hassle free”

Wired Magazine

“This little tool has elevated both my enjoyment of outdoor photography, and the images that result from my shooting.”

Gear Institute

“A versatile tool for folks who like to up their photography game”


Lean and Mean.


  • USB Camera Tethering

    Rather than use your camera’s shutter port, Pulse plugs into your camera’s USB port to give you access to shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Pulse has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that lasts for up to 12 hours of shooting and recharges completely in 4 hours.

  • Control Multiple Cameras

    With multiple Pulses, you can control up to 3 cameras from your phone at once.

  • Apple and Android Compatible

    Pulse is compatible with most newer phones and tablets.

  • Light and Small

    Weighing just over 1 ounce, Pulse won’t weigh you down or take up much space in your camera bag.

  • Bluetooth Camera Connection

    To reduce the weight and battery consumption of a standard wifi remote, Pulse uses a combination of Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Oh, the places we'll go…

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Denali National Park, Alaska