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PULSE | Your camera, upgraded.

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Stills. Video. Timelapse.

The ultimate camera remote

Pulse gives you powerful control over your camera - wirelessly from your smartphone. It plugs straight into your DSLR or Mirrorless camera's USB port, so whether you're shooting photos, time lapse, or video, you get complete creative freedom in real time.

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Powerfully simple

Features don’t mean anything if you can’t use them. Hardcore expedition filmmaker or casual shooter, the tools you use need to be fast and dependable. We crafted a user experience that gives you complete creative freedom at your fingertips.


Control aperture, shutter, ISO
Take photos
Record video
Preview image thumbnails
Basic timelapse
Advanced timelapse
(exposure/interval ramping)
Long Exposure
Control multiple cameras
HDR bracketing
Firmware upgradeable

Take on the night

with long exposure

The Diving Board, Yosemite
Canon, 5D mlll
f8/25min/ISO 1600

Lean and Mean

Pulse handles your biggest project ideas - from day-long city timelapses to your next feature-length documentary. Because of its size you can take Pulse anywhere, and thanks to what it can do you'll never want to leave it behind.

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Take Amazing Timelapse

Made for Pros, great for beginners.

Pulse makes timelapse easier than ever for first timers whilst expanding the features and level of control for the most experienced timelapsers.

No troubleshooting required.

Traditional triggers can’t tell you when things have gone wrong. The Pulse app notifies you about low battery or buffering time before they ruin your shoot.

Take your timelapses to the next level.

Pulse's Exposure Ramping features allows you to ramp your ISO and shutter speed so that you can capture day-to-night transitions (the "Holy Grail" of time lapses). Unlike shooting in Aperture or Shutter Priority, Exposure Ramping keeps your camera in manual so that your photo's EXIF-Data is written properly for LRTimelapse workflows.

Not your typical remote


View thumbnails on your phone right after you take a photo.


Take epic selfies. Pulse’s 100 foot Bluetooth range allows you to set up your camera and trigger it from anywhere.


Control up to three Pulse-equipped cameras at once - all from the same smartphone. Be everywhere at once and get all the right angles, even if you are just a crew of one.


Most remote triggers let you do one thing - take photos. Using your camera's USB port and not the trigger port, Pulse lets you control video as well.

Is your camera ready?

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