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Designed for Life.

The most versatile camera remote yet

Spark is a 3-in-one remote that combines the power of app control, the range of IR triggering, and the reliability of a traditional wired remote. Pair that with a battery that lasts for more than 2000 hours of use, and you’ve got a remote ready for any occasion.

One Spark. 3 Ways to Take Better Photos.

Whatever you’re doing, Spark adapts to give you instant control.
With your phone or without it.

  • Phone out of battery? No problem. Just plug Spark into your camera and use it as a traditional wired trigger to take long exposures without bumping your camera.

  • Sometimes you can’t be right next to your camera. Use your smartphone from up to 100 ft away to trigger your camera and access all of Spark’s features.

  • When speed is of the essence, infrared allows you to quickly trigger photos with the click of a button. Zero set up time and no delay means you always get the shot.

Be In Your Own Photos

Work your magic from both sides of the lens.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

  • 0.75 ounces
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4
  • Compatible with most cameras
  • 2000+ hours of run time
  • Photo Booth

    Capture portraits, selfies and candid photos without any fuss.

  • Time Lapse

    Set your interval and advanced settings or choose from preset options.

  • Long Exposure

    Set any shutter speed or manually respond to your subject as it develops.

  • HDR

    Bracket images to maximize dynamic range in the harshest conditions.

Make It Starry

Capture beautiful star trails with long exposures.

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