The Holidays and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we prepare for the holiday weekend and head into December, we wanted to send you an update with a couple pieces of news: Black Friday, your latest inspiring photos, and a cool new photography gadget we found! 


Black Friday

This Black Friday, we will be donating 100% of profits to the National Park Foundation. When we first started this company much of our inspiration came from visiting and taking photos of wild places such as Yosemite. Sharing these moments and experiencing them with friends motivated us to help others do the same. 

The Thanksgiving Holiday is meant to be a time of gratitude where we celebrate the things we love. At Alpine Labs, we’re doing that by giving back to the places that both helped us get here and continue to inspire us. We hope all of you are able to spend some time with the people and in the places that are important to you as well. Happy Thanksgiving! 

- A few members of the Alpine Team celebrating in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tools of the Trade

In the last couple of months over 300,000 photos have been taken with Pulse! We’re thrilled that all of you are out there shooting and creating with Alpine gear. Below are just a few of the photos you’ve shared that have inspired us!

Also, on a quick technical note: there are Firmware and App updates for both Pulse and Radian 2, so make sure you are running the latest software! 

-Kickstarter backer Brian Drourr getting wild with some long exposure light painting. 104 seconds of an open shutter, some steel wool, and LED’s.


-Not sure if this was photographed and then digitized, or just painted from the beginning. But either way a great piece of art by @salmanlp


- Incredible fall colors shot by @Travellers_Art


1000 Lumens in your hand

Life Lite on Kickstarter

Our friends over at Lume Cube launched their first product on Kickstarter a few years ago. This impressively powerful little device can be used for epic lighting (or light painting) with anything from a DSLR to a cell phone. If you’ve never shot with external lights, Lume Cube makes it easy. They also just launched a new Kickstarter for their latest product the Līfe Līte. This device packs 1000 lumens (that’s 300 more lumens that a car headlight!) into one extremely portable tool. We just backed for three and can’t wait to test them out.  


That’s all for now. We’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off this week to spend time with friends and family. If you need help with anything shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can next week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shooting!

- The Alpine Team