One million photos taken with Pulse!

The Alpine community hit a new milestone with photographers breaking one million photos taken with Pulse camera remote and intervalometer! Collectively you've been discovering new ways to photograph the night sky, experimenting with new ideas and exposing us to unique ways of seeing things. We wish we could show all the incredible moments captured around the world. Here is a brief gallery of a few that we'd like to share with you.


Photos from the field

- A magnificent and otherworldly subterranean adventure by @mr.bootstraps.


- Self portrait by @nitishq at home in the Pacific Northwest.


- Lynn Lewis, a San Francisco wedding photographer, takes selfies too.


- @_calebv_ plays at sunset with some steel wool, a string and fire. 


- Bring a wide lens to Iceland for the tall waterfalls as @take_meanywhere did.



Lance Page of Page Films constantly pushes the boundaries of time lapse. In ReflectionVOID, his latest film, he set out to study the human perspective of outer space by photographing mirror reflections and examining the images that result from moving both the camera and the mirror.

As Lance describes, “a man finds a portal in the desert, a window into another world that seems to have a mesmerizing pull. As he approaches and discovers his reflection, we as the audience suddenly enter the VOID. The desert is now black with scattered portals reflecting the harsh landscapes and starry night skies. The plants and rocks feel threatening and a mysterious human-like figure appears to blend in with the desert grit. The VOID represents a new perspective, an apprehensive curiosity of the unknown. The more the stars dance around in portal reflections the more it becomes clear that we are in a beautiful place and the mysterious figure is simply celebrating the Universe around us.”


As always, please let us know if you need anything. We're a team of real live humans and are here to help!

- The Alpine Team