Meet Tim Jones


I became a news photographer in Huntsville and later for a couple of stations in Birmingham. I loved telling stories with a beginning, middle, and an ending that ended up winning many awards. Our family moved to Mobile in 2006 and I worked for a TV station in Mobile. But the industry was changing — storytelling was less important, so I shifted into real estate photography. I started getting sick in 2020 with a very severe case of chronic inflammatory, demyelinating, polyneuropathy (CIDP) and was no longer able to feed myself, sit up, or stand on my own, let alone work. Accepting my limitations made them easier to deal with even though I’m unable to walk unassisted. But I’m getting stronger and figuring out new ways to use a camera.

From my wheelchair, I’m becoming a photographer again. I have dexterity issues, so I put a strap and cage on my camera so if the camera slips out of my hands, it won’t fall. I can’t feel the button to take photos, so I bought a user-friendly camera with good stabilization and automatic functions and allows me to touch the screen and snap the photo. I can then wirelessly transfer my images from the camera to the phone. More recently, I found a device that is making it even easier for me to take the kind of pictures I am used to, the Alpine Labs Spark.

Because I have dexterity issues that cause me to miss pictures and I cannot feel the shutter button, I can put the Spark in my mouth and get the picture I want.
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