Huntington Beach

Los Angeles is a well-known as a special place all for its diversity. For a photographer, it is even more spectacular as it offers a wide variety of environments to capture, so it is a diamond in the rough. Of course, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills are excellent places for a photographer, but one of the reasons I call Los Angeles a diamond in the rough is because of places like Huntington Beach, a scene crawling with surfers, students, and partiers from dawn until dusk. However, it is from dusk until dawn when the real beauty of this place shines for me. When most people go to the beach at night, they see nothing but darkness and emptiness. This is why Huntington has almost a cult-like following at night, because it is where people deal with the troubles they just could not resolve during the day. On this night it was just me, with no one else in sight, and I didn’t feel dark or empty. I felt alive. Whether it was the mixture of the cold ocean breeze or the occasional drag race down PCH, something just made me feel like this place has a beauty I hadn’t seen yet. The only way I know how to really see the beauty in something is by capturing it in a photo, so I set out to do that with my trusty Sony A7II 35mm f2, and my new Alpine Spark. Long exposure photography has been a genre I have been obsessed with since I started my journey in photography back in 2015.The only thing stopping me from practicing and pursuing it was my lack of a wireless remote. Well, that has since changed and so has my photography. Long exposure shows you the beauty of things not one human being can see with their naked eyes and it showed me a side of Huntington I’ll never forget.

Life Guard Shack - Alex Rodriguez @ax.rodriguez

Light on the Beach - Alex Rodriguez @ax.rodriguez