Small towns are not known for their busy streets and loads of people. I call the small town of Clovis New Mexico home. Clovis has no mountains, no hills, and certainly no blatant views.  Life does not change quickly, people do not travel quickly, and buildings do not rise quickly. Time seems to stand still in Clovis, thus inspiration for photography can be slow at times. Life is very easy and slow, some would say boring, I like to say mundane.  The mundane is a beautiful thing to capture, it is beauty with simplicity. Plants, cows, people, sunsets, and simple buildings, all lovely things to find and photograph. Mundane photos are like a spark of motivation, lighting the fire for more inspiration.  I have been doing photography for a little more than two years now and I have found that in the moment photos with no preparation are my favorite type to take, the mundane will appear out of nowhere.  Almost like a method actor, I like to capture my subjects when they are genuinely happy or in their natural environment. A rather vague statement, but if I can catch the spark of the beauty, that one fleeting moment, it makes me all the more happy. I have wanted to dabble in long exposure photos but haven't had the items to assist me in doing so. Thus, I have put my faith in Alpine Labs to deliver. Here's to capturing more of the mundane, here's to capturing life in a moment.

A breakfast snack- James Skuse @Skuse_Photos

Slot Canyon Las Cruces- James Skuse @Skuse_Photos