As the heat starts to fade and the morning air gets a slight edge, here at Alpine, we've started reflecting on a wonderful summer of travel and local adventures. Seasons are quite visually and climatically present in our home of Colorado and we do our best to embrace the change. While there is a sadness for the end of summer, there is also an excitement for the slow approach of winter, its crisp beauty, and for us photographers, its endless golden hour. And not to be forgotten, autumn's fleeting splash of color along the way. We hope you'll make some time in the coming months to go outside or in and find your own gold.

Here are a few summer photos from the community that caught our eye:

Travis Maher times it just right on Independence Day.


@ant_pruitt with his take on street photography and some digital paint.


Small villages, big skies. Dhanker, India by one of the family @atulhaldankar


@storiesofpixels putting on a clinic of composition and light. The Louvre, Paris, France.

As always, please let us know if you need anything. Happy autumn!

-The Alpine Team