Watermelon Time Lapse

Sometimes time lapse inspiration comes in pretty unexpected ways. We recently rediscovered an amazing video (and story) from yesteryear that will hopefully make you laugh and maybe provide some ideas for your next time lapse film.

Around the time we first started making Michron (one of our very first products), Blake Gardner ordered an extra camera cable from our website. When the package arrived he opened it up to find that instead of receiving the cable, our fulfillment center accidentally shipped him 2 dozen Ninja-Fruit-Watermelons! Fortunately we both no longer work with that fulfillment center and were able to fix the shipment pretty fast.

To highlight the comedy of the situation, Blake went out and by using both Michron and the watermelons, created one of our favorite time lapse videos of all time! Head over to Blake's blog to read his full story. :)