Radian 1 App & Features



Home Screen

  • Create a new time lapse
  • Upload a queued set of time lapses
  • Load a preset/saved time lapse
  • Use Direct Drive for smooth video panning (Max=4 degrees/sec)
  • Access app and programming settings



Time Lapse

  • Time lapse movement degrees/slide length
  • Time lapse Duration
  • Time lapse Interval
  • Save time lapse to Presets
  • Access Advanced time lapse controls
  • Preview of time lapse



Advanced Time Lapse

  • Delay the start of your time lapse
  • Ramp your movement interval (Speed Ramping)
  • Ramp your camera's Exposure (Bulb Ramping)
  • Specify Hold Time to make sure camera is triggered



Bulb Ramp Settings

  • Delay the start of your bulb ramp
  • Specify duration for shifting light conditions
  • Specify initial exposure value
  • Input exposure change depending on situation (Sunsets=1.0-1.2 is best)
  • Preview of time lapse



Pan/Tilt/Slide Settings

  • Specify movement/degrees for Panning, Tilting, or Sliding (Linear)
  • Preview your movement (4'/second speed) and return to starting postion
  • Time Lapse preview (based on advanced app settings)
  • Drag wheel or tap number to adjust



Interval Ramping

  • Drag keyframes to create different speed intervals
  • Smoothly slow down or speed up transitions
  • Reset to preset straight-line graph
  • Integrated for Pan, Tilt, and Linear movement control



Upload Time Lapse (image in process!)

  • Make sure  audio cable is securely inserted into Radian
  • Upload is successful if Radian LED holds Green
  • Time lapse estimate screen will appear to monitor time lapse
  • Stop Radian before uploading another time lapse



Preset/Queue Time Lapses

  • Create your own presets and name them appropriately
  • Quickly upload a time lapse to capture the action
  • Sequence up time lapses for shifts, separate tracking, or other fun ideas!



Direct Drive

  • Maximum panning speed is 4 degrees/second 
  • Specify degrees over time period



App Settings

  • Specify if using a PC Sync Cable
  • Execute on Start: automatically starts last uploaded TL at startup
  • Specify your slider length for accurate linear movement estimates
  • Specify your frame rate for accurate time lapse estimates
  • Learn more about Radian 1
  • Check you're up to date with the latest Radian 1 App and Firmware (R2)



App Version

  • Specify your Radian's FW version: R1 or R2
  • Check you're up to date with the latest Radian App version

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