Pulse Specs/About Pulse 



What is Pulse

Pulse is the most powerful way to control your camera from your smartphone. Pulse plugs into your DSLR or Mirrorless camera's USB port, so whether you're shooting photos, time lapse, or video, you get complete creative freedom - remotely from your smartphone - with your current camera.


How does Pulse work

Pulse plugs into your camera's USB port, accesses your camera's settings, and is controlled via Bluetooth by the Pulse App on your iOS or Android device. Pulse communicates information from your camera to your smartphone to transfer images and histograms, trigger photos and videos, and much more. If you are running a time lapse with Pulse you can fully disconnect from the App and Pulse will keep triggering your camera. If you reconnect, Pulse will update the app with the time lapse progress and allow you to change settings if necessary- all without stopping the current time lapse or touching your camera!


Wifi vs Bluetooth

Pulse uses Bluetooth to communicate settings between the camera and your smartphone. This frees up your phone and camera Wifi, saves battery, and allows more reliable control of your camera when you're in the middle of nowhere. Images that are transferred are thumbnail-quality and Bluetooth cannot support live-view data transfer rates. Thumbnail images transferred via bluetooth take 2-5 seconds to transfer (depending on the time it takes your camera to process the image to the SD card) and include a histogram chart to monitor your light levels. 



  • Image/Histogram Preview
  • Change Camera Settings (Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, Video)
  • Video Control (Start/Stop/Duration)
  • Time Lapse (Simple and Advanced)
  • Exposure Ramping (Shutter Speed and ISO)
  • Interval Ramping 
  • Long Exposure (Preset times or Manual Hold)
  • HDR (Exposure Range and # of Photos in Bracket)
  • Photobooth
  • Bug Reports


Tech Specs

  • Mobile Device Compatibility: iPhone 4s and + Android v 4.4 and later
  • Bluetooth Low Energy: up to 100ft away
  • Camera Compatibility: Most Canon and Nikon cameras, but please check our list
  • Battery Life: 12-24 hours depending on use and camera
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 65mm x 20mm


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