Choppy Footage/Windy Conditions

Choppy footage can be caused by a number of issues, such as: missed photos, multiple photos, camera/Radian shake, and your Camera not being in Manual mode, making it change its Autofocus every shot.

  1. Make sure your camera/lens is set to Manual and your interval is allowing enough time for your Camera to process/store the image before it is triggered to take the next. If there is overlap with this, your camera will miss images trying to get the next one.
  2. If your camera is taking multiple photos/trigger from Radian, it most certainly has "Burst Mode" turned on and you will need to adjust your camera's settings to "Single-Shot Mode".
  3. Make sure your Radian/Tripod is securely attached/positioned on the ground, and keep it as low as possible to minimize wind vibration/shaking. In addition, the wind may be affecting the Radian's gearing when moving your camera: the best way to fix this is to add to the gearing's friction by wedging a piece of paper between the gap at the base of your Radian (simple, but effective!).
  4. Hang something heavy, such as a water bottle, from your tripod- this will minimize shake and make your tripod stay more firmly in place. If you're still getting flicker/movement with your Time Lapse, Contact Us for some tips!

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.