Radian 1 Troubleshooting Page


10 Quick Things to Check/Try:

  1. Verify your app's software version matches your Radian's software version (R1 and R2). You can switch between R1 and R2 on your app in Settings > Version > App Version > R1/R2.
  2. Make sure your media volume is turned all the way up and there is no volume limiter in your audio settings.
  3. Set both your camera and lens to 'Manual'.
  4. Give your camera enough time between intervals to save the image to the SD card.
  5. Increase your Radian's 'Hold Time.' This can be accessed in the Advanced Settings in the App and will send a longer signal to trigger the shutter on your camera.
  6. Turn off Burst Mode if your camera is taking multiple exposures when triggered.
  7. If your Radian won't stop moving when you turn it on, this is because Execute on Start is turned 'On'. To turn this feature off (it executes the last Time Lapse uploaded to Radian), go to Settings > Execute on Start > Off and upload a new Time Lapse.
  8. The total weight of your rig should not be more than 4.5 pounds for tilting motion. We've tested up to a Canon 5D mkiii with a 16-35mm L2 Series lens.
  9. Bulb Ramping- make sure your camera has time to save the image between intervals. Longer exposure, more time needed to save!
  10. You can check if your Radian1 is R1 or R2 by attempting to upload a time lapse in both versions on the app. An R1 Radian will not work with R2 settings, and vice versa.


Still stuck? Check out the longer notes we have below and shoot us an email on what's going wrong using the button below- we're here to help.


Upload Problems

If you have not done so already, please read or watch our tutorial information.

1) Verify your app's software version matches your Radian's software version (R1 and R2). You can switch between R1 and R2 on your app in SETTINGS -> VERSION -> APP VERSION -> R1/R2.

2) Make sure your volume (media/music, not ringtone) is turned all the way up. Radian receives an audio data packet to program settings, so it's important the signal is clear with loud volume. You can test this by plugging in earphones and listening for a sound (careful, it's loud!).

3) Sometimes a volume limiter blocks the programming packet. Go to your phone/computer's settings and make sure this is turned off (especially for Android phones, such as HTC's "Boost Audio" feature).

4) Try our Web App- if this works to program your Radian, then there is most likely a programming problem from your phone as described above.

If Radian's LED flashes RED during upload, then Radian is receiving programming information but the data packet is not complete. Use the above fixes to correct this issue, and look out for a solid GREEN LED signal that shows the upload is complete. If you still have issues programming your Radian, Contact Us and we'll get back to you shortly!

Software Upgrade Problems

1) Please note that the Software Updater can only be used with Mac computers at this time.

2) Sometimes it is difficult for your computer to recognize Radian via the USB port. A common and effective fix for this found by our users is to use a USB dongle between your Radian and your computer's USB port to strengthen the tethered connection signal.

3) If your computer won't open the Updater App because it is from the internet, right-click the App and click 'Open' or go to APPLE -> SYSTEM PREFERENCES -> SECURITY AND PREFS.

4) Make sure your Radian is turned OFF before plugging into the computer.

5) Try restarting your computer, then immediately retrying the upgrade. This seems to clear your computer's USB memory cache.

6) Some computers are unsuccessful on the first upload attempt- please stick with us and try it 3 times (our magic number), and if it still doesn't work for you, Contact Us!

Camera Not Taking Photos

1) Make sure your camera and lens is in "Manual" Mode and you don't have any kind of Exposure/Aperture Priority turned on.

2) Ensure the Camera Cable is securely inserted into your Camera and Radian. The camera cable is coiled; the straight cable is the audio/programming cable.

3) Radian's LED will blink green every time it moves, and will trigger your camera to take a photo in between movement intervals. Check to make sure this is happening.

4) Depending on your camera, make sure your interval is at least 3 seconds. Your camera may not have time to process/store the image, resulting in missed images. To shoot with a shorter interval, make sure your Shutter Speed is short enough that your camera has time to process the image before it is triggered to take the next.

5) Try increasing your Hold Time. This can be accessed under the advanced settings when programming your Radian on the App. Your camera may not be recognizing a shorter hold.

6) If you have a Panasonic camera, it is important that you're putting the 3 banded bent end of the cable into your camera, and the 2 banded straight end of the cable into your Radian. If you're still having problems triggering your camera correctly, Contact Us and we'll get to the bottom of it!

Choppy Footage/Windy Conditions

Choppy footage can be caused by a number of issues, such as: missed photos, multiple photos, camera/Radian shake, and your Camera not being in Manual mode, making it change its Autofocus every shot.

1) Make sure your camera/lens is set to Manual and your interval is allowing enough time for your Camera to process/store the image before it is triggered to take the next. If there is overlap with this, your camera will miss images trying to get the next one.

2) If your camera is taking multiple photos/trigger from Radian, it most certainly has "Burst Mode" turned on and you will need to adjust your camera's settings to "Single-Shot Mode".

3) Make sure your Radian/Tripod is securely attached/positioned on the ground, and keep it as low as possible to minimize wind vibration/shaking. In addition, the wind may be affecting the Radian's gearing when moving your camera: the best way to fix this is to add to the gearing's friction by wedging a piece of paper between the gap at the base of your Radian (simple, but effective!).

4) Hang something heavy, such as a water bottle, from your tripod- this will minimize shake and make your tripod stay more firmly in place. If you're still getting flicker/movement with your Time Lapse, Contact Us for some tips!

My Radian Won't Stop Moving!

Radian is preset with a program directing it to move each time it is turned on. You can turn this off in SETTINGS, but to change your Radian's program you just need to

1) Upload a new Time Lapse or

2) Tell Radian to stop on the App.

If you're having difficulty programming Radian to stop moving/accept new programming, you most likely have the wrong Version set in your SETTINGS: You can switch between R1 and R2 on your app in SETTINGS -> VERSION -> APP VERSION -> R1/R2. Also, make sure your volume (media/music, not ringer) is turned all the way up!

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.