Get Started With Spark

Spark is has three different modes of control so that you can adapt to whatever situation you are shooting in. Below, you'll learn how to use Spark in each mode so you can start taking photos immediately.


What is included

  • 1 Spark
  • 1 Trigger Cable
  • 1 Alpine Labs Sticker
  • 1 Spark Manual
  • 1 Alpine Labs Pouch 


    1. Take your first photo

    Plug the trigger cable into Spark and your camera, then turn on your camera. Press the button on Spark to take a photo. 


    **Setup Tip: Each camera brand has a different trigger port. Find the one on your camera by looking for this symbol.


    2. Trigger a photo with IR

    Go into your cameras settings and change the drive mode to remote control. Then locate the IR sensor on your camera. The sensor is typically on the front of the camera, though some Nikons have a second sensor on the back. 


    Don't know how to change the drive mode on your camera? Search on Youtube for a camera specific tutorial like this: "Nikon D5500 Drive Mode". The top result will usually do the trick. 

    Line up your photo, point Spark at the sensor, and press the Spark button. Remember that line of sight with the sensor is crucial and that the IR range is up to 30 feet but shorter for some cameras. 




    3. Get the Spark App

    Spark can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet via the Spark app.

    To download the Spark app search for 'Alpine Labs' or 'Spark Camera Control' in your phones app store or click Apple App Store or Google Play store.



    4. Connect Spark to your phone

    Turn on Bluetooth by going to your phone or tablet settings and double check that Bluetooth is turned on. The app recognizes that Bluetooth is not turned on and will take you to the phone's settings to turn it on.

    Open the Spark app and Spark and your phone should connect within 10 seconds. Look for the blue circle with a check mark to know you are connected. Pressing the button on the Spark can speed up the connection.



    5. Connect Spark to your camera

    Plug the trigger cable into Spark and your camera, and make sure your camera is turned on. Each camera brand has a different trigger port. Find yours on your camera by looking for this symbol.



    6. Take a Photo from your phone

    Press the shutter button on the app. Spark will blink once every time it takes a photo. Remember that you can be up to 100ft away from your camera when triggering. The blink can also be turned off in the settings in the app.


    Note: Spark does not need to be seated in your camera's hot shoe in order to operate. In some rare cases the shoe is too tight for the Spark. In this case, do not force the Spark in as it could break when removing.

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