Radian 2 App & Features (Phone Camera)

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Menu Screen

  • Photo - Take a picture
  • Video - Record video
  • Time Lapse - Camera control
  • HDR bracketing - Does not work with Phone Camera
  • Direct Drive (Set Rotation Degrees)
  • Devices - Device connections
  • Settings - App/firmware versions, bug reports and phone camera enablement



Main Photo Screen (Phone Camera)

  • Adjust Phone camera settings (camera icon)
  • Preview picture to be taken
  • Use Phone Camera (must be selected to use)
  • Enable Phone Camera Preview
  • Front Camera/Back Camera Selection
  • Bluetooth and Phone enabled displayed at the bottom of the screen



Phone Camera Settings

  • Accessible via camera icon in upper right corner on all pages
  • Portrait/Landscape
  • Set picture quality
  • Change resolution settings by swiping or dragging left/right
  • Change Exposure Mode and Focus Mode
  • Update Settings



Video (under development)

  • Set Video Resolution
  • Use 5 degree increment to set rotation degrees
  • Rotation Degrees (may be limited by Resolution)
  • Rotation Time (may be limited by Resolution)
  • Rotation Direction



Time Lapse

  • Set the interval between photos, duration, rotation amount and direction of your time lapse
  • Preview the total number of photos, Radian 2 step change, length of final TL video footage and direction
  • Counters displayed once the time lapse is started
  • Access advanced settings in upper right corner (...)



Time Lapse Tracking

  • Tracks number of photos, current duration and number of degrees rotated
  • Enable Phone Camera Preview - Enable view of photos taken
  • Pause or End time lapse



Advanced Time Lapse Menu

  • Exposure Ramp - Not supported with Phone camera
  • Bulb Ramp - Not supported with Phone camera
  • Speed Ramp (Not supported with Phone camera)
  • Set Rotation Degrees
  • Save as Preset - save current time lapse settings as a Preset
  • Load a Preset - load saved preset or canned preset
  • Create a Queue - create a queue of Presets



Set Rotation Degrees/Direct Drive

  • Time Lapses - used for setting the amount of rotation and duration to help set up a time lapse
  • Select one of four speeds
  • Start - Start rotation
  • Stop - Stop rotation
  • Set Rotation Direction
  • Time: time counter
  • Degrees: degrees counter
  • Save - Save parameters for a Time Lapse
  • Clear - Clear Time and Degrees



Save as Preset

  • Enter Name
  • Save



Load a Preset

  • Navigate through Preset
  • Load Preset
  • Delete Preset



Create a Queue

  • Stack up to four saved Presets in a queue




  • Shows all connected devices and cameras
  • Disconnect/reconnect Radian 2 with app by tapping the check mark
  • Tap Rename button to add a nickname for the device(s)
  • Swipe down on page to scan for Radian 2(s)



Direct Drive

  • Direct Drive - used to rotate the Radian 2 in either direction for moving a payload in a circle
  • Select one of four speeds
  • Start - Start rotation
  • Stop - Stop rotation
  • Set Rotation Direction
  • Time: time counter
  • Degrees: degrees counter
  • Save -Not used in Direct Drive Mode
  • Clear - Clear Time and Degrees



App Settings

  • About; displays the app version and current version of the firmware for the connected Radian 2
  • Submit a Bug - see next
  • Use Phone Camera - for enabling the use of the phone camera. Will not work if camera connected



Submit a Bug

  • Once you've recreated the issue, fill out this form and submit it to our team of engineers
  • Bug reports are incredibly useful for solving issues as they contain a full log of camera/app/phone interactions that led to the issue
  • Thanks for the help! We'll get back to you over email if we need more info

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.