Having an Issue After Updating the App/Firmware?

We have seen that for some users, when the firmware update is performed the link keys between your phone and your Pulse can get messed up. What this means is that your phone will remember your Pulse, but the Pulse won't have the correct information to connect to the phone. Fortunately this is a quick thing to fix!

1. Reset your Pulse connection


2. Plug Pulse into your camera AFTER connecting Pulse to your phone

  • Open the app and pair your Pulse.
  • Turn on your camera and connect Pulse with the USB cable.
  • Follow the screen below to establish a bluetooth connection.




At this point, you should be all set, but if you are still having issues with the firmware update, please try the following : 

1. Update one Pulse at a time.

  • If you have multiple Pulses, only turn one on for the update at a time.
  • Turn off any bluetooth devices nearby that may be causing interference.

2. Complete Pulse Reset:


Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.