My Camera is Skipping Photos 

If you are having trouble taking photos from Pulse, the first thing to do is to make sure that your camera itself can take a photo. Sometimes your camera cannot take a photo due to automatic settings such as autofocus, or due to issues like low battery or a full memory card. Disconnect Pulse from your camera and take a photo by directly pressing the shutter button on the camera. If your camera is able to take a photo when you do this, try restarting your pulse and your Pulse app, and try to connect to your camera again. 

Set your lens to Manual focus if it is currently in Auto-focus.

Check that your camera is in Manual mode. This is not always necessary, but many cameras work best in Manual mode.

When you are taking a time lapse, your camera has to both take a photo and save that photo before taking another photo. For example, a 5 second exposure with a 6 second interval will only allow the camera 1 second save that photo. The time to save a photo depends on the speed of your camera, the size of the image files being saved, and memory card. But as a general rule of thumb, most camera take 1-2 seconds to fully save a photo. If you are having issues with missed photos during time lapses, try shooting in a lower resolution, use a longer interval, or use a faster memory card.


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