How to Charge Pulse


When charging your Pulse, the LED will blink twice every 3 seconds until fully charged. When it has reached full charge, the LED will "breathe" until unplugged. Your Pulse will reach full charge in under 6 hours.

  1. Turn Pulse Off.
  2. Plug Pulse into a USB power source using the included USB charging cable.


You can check your Pulse's battery level in the App while it's charging or while it's connected to your camera.

  • Open the app, turn on Bluetooth, and connect to Pulse.
  • In the upper-left corner under the Alpine Labs logo is the battery status symbol (accurate to +/-25%).
  • Pulse will display 'Charging' if correctly connected/charging via USB.


If Pulse is not Charging Properly:

  • Make sure Pulse app and firmware are up to date.
  • Try a different USB port or wall outlet.
  • Check if the USB charging cable is secure and connected to USB port.
  • Electricity is on and flowing to charger.


Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.