Michron Troubleshooting



Having any issues? First things to try:

  • Set both your camera and lens to 'M-Manual'
  • Turn to the media volume all the way up on your phone/programming device. Sometimes there is a volume limiter- disable this in your device's audio settings
  • Ensure the camera cable is fully inserted into Michron and your camera. The camera cable is coiled, the programming cable is straight
  • Make sure your camera has time to save the image between triggers- this is an issue for some cameras with shorter intervals (generally <2 seconds)
  • Turn off burst mode on your camera and set it to single shoot mode
  • Only plug in the camera cable when you're ready to start your time lapse. Plugging in this cable turns Michron 'On' and the time lapse will start triggering (pro tip: you can check the interval before plugging it into your camera by timing the blinking LED)


Upload Problems

Your Michron's LED will flash RED once it correctly receives programming information. If you're not getting this signal when you press "Upload" on the App, try the tips below:

1) Make sure your volume (media/music, not ringtone) is turned all the way up. Michron receives an audio data packet to program settings, so it's important the signal is clear with loud volume. You can test this by plugging in earphones and listening for a sound (careful, it's loud!).

2) Sometimes a volume limiter blocks the programming packet. Go to your phone/computer's settings and make sure this is turned off (especially for Android phones, such as HTC's "Boost Audio" feature).

3) Ensure the Camera Cable is securely inserted into your Camera and Michron. The camera cable is coiled; the straight cable is the audio/programming cable.

4) Try the Web App- if this works for you, the problem is most certainly a programming issue between Michron and your Phone.

Trigger Problems

1) Make sure your camera/lens are in "Manual" Mode and you don't have any kind of Exposure/Aperture Priority turned on.

2) Ensure the Camera Cable is securely inserted into your Camera and Michron. The camera cable is coiled; the straight cable is the audio/programming cable.

3) Depending on your camera, make sure your interval is at least 2 seconds. Your camera may not have time to process/store the image, resulting in missed images. To shoot with a shorter interval, make sure your Shutter Speed is short enough that your camera has time to process the image before it is triggered to take the next.

4) Try increasing your Hold Time. This can be accessed under the ADVANCED SETTINGS when programming your Michron on the App. Your camera may not be recognizing a shorter hold.

5) Turn off the burst photo option on your camera. You'll know this is an issue if your camera is sometimes taking 2 or 3 photos when Michron triggers the camera to take a photo between intervals (common issue!). 

If you're still having problems triggering your camera correctly, Contact Us and we'll get to the bottom of it!

Michron Won't Stop Taking Photos

Michron automatically restarts your previously uploaded Time Lapse settings every time you turn it on by plugging in the trigger cable. You can stop Michron by opening the app, tapping 'New Time-Lapse' and then the bottom right arrow on the time-lapse page. Then tap 'Stop Michron' while you have the programing cable plugged into your phone and Michron. 

Choppy Footage

Choppy or discontinuous footage can be caused by a number of issues, such as:

  • Your camera does not always take a photo
  • Your camera sometimes takes multiple photos instead of one
  • Your camera is moving/shaking during the photo (often due to wind)
  • Your camera is not in manual focus mode, and the focus is changing between shots 
Camera Shakes/Moves During Time Lapse

If your camera is being moved or shaken during your time lapse, it will most likely affect your final video. Usually this issue is caused by wind, and below are some tips on minimizing the effect that wind can have on your camera : 

  • Make sure that your tripod is securely positioned on the ground, with the widest base possible
  • Keep your tripod as low to the ground as possible
  • If you can, hang weight (a water bottle works well) from the central pillar of your tripod, like this 
  • Make sure that all adjustable points on your tripod are tightened as much as possible, especially near the top. 

Still stuck? Shoot us an email. We're here to help.