Radian 2 App & Feature Comparison

Radian App (Legacy)

Radian 2 App Camera

Radian 2 App Phone

Camera Used DSLR DSLR Phone Camera
Device Supported Radian 1/Radian 2 Radian 2 Radian 2
Camera Connection USB/Trigger USB App
Wireless App Control x x x
OS Android/iOS Android Android
Development Status Production Beta Beta
Time Lapse
Time Delay x x x
Exposure Ramping x x -
Bulb Ramping x x -
ISO Ramping x x -
Speed Ramping x - -
Phoneless Time Lapse x x -
Save Preset x x x
Load Preset x x x
Create Queue x x x
Loop Time Lapse x - -
Remote Trigger
Change Camera Settings x x x*
Multi-Camera Control x - -
Trigger Photos - x x
Image Review - - x**
HDR - x -
Long Exposure - - -
Start/Stop Video - - x***
Motion Control
Panning and Tilting x x x
Move-Shoot-Move x x x
Continuous Motion x x x
About x x x
Firmware Update x - -
Submit a Bug - x x
Use Phone Camera - - x
Rotation Direction Indicator - x x
Automatically update Fastest Rotation Time based on Degree Changes - x x
Physical Specs
Camera Connectivity

USB (Canon and Nikon)

Remote Jack (Radian 2 Trigger)

USB (Canon and Nikon) Direct
App/Device Connectivity Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE) Bluetooth (BLE)
Weight 15 oz 15 oz 15 oz
Dimensions 4.57 x 1.77" 4.57 x 1.77" 4.57 x 1.77"
Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable
Battery Life Up to 100 hours Up to 100 hours Up to 100 hours
Battery Charge Time 6 hours 6 hours 6 hours

* Phone camera settings

** Under development - images stored in Photos - Library - Pictures

*** Limited to 10 secs currently - videos stored in Photos