Pairing Two Radians For A Pan+Tilt Configuration

In addition to being able to use Radian for Rotation either horizontally (panning) or vertically (tilting) you can also pair 2 Radians to both pan and tilt your camera at the same time. 

What you will need : 

2 x Radian Motion Time-Lapse Device

2 x L-Bracket

1 x Camera Connection Cable

Setting up the Radians and Brackets

When setting up 2 Radians in a pan + tilt configuration, you will need to configure everything like this : 

In most cases, you will want your camera to be centered over the panning Radian, so we recommend using the hole nearest the end of the bottom L-bracket. You will also want your camera to sit low-down, as close to the panning Radian as possible, but make sure that it will not hit the panning Radian during the time-lapse. 


To avoid issues during motion, you should connect the camera control cable from the tilting Radian to the camera. 


Program the Units

Next, you will individually program the 2 Radians. You can set whatever settings you would like for this stage, but make sure that both units are programmed with the same interval. If you do not do this, the motion of the units will not be synchronized. 


Start Your Time-Lapse

To synchronize the two Radians during your time-lapse, you will need to turn off both Radians, and then turn them on at the same time. The startup time for all Radians is the same, so as long as they are turned on at roughly the same time, they will execute their motions in tandem.