Compiling Your Time Lapse


After you've gone out and used Pulse, Michron or Radian in the field and gotten hundreds (if not thousands!) of shots, you'll still have to take the time to actually compile your time lapse. For some beginners, this might seem like a daunting task, but now-a-days, there are a ton of different tools you can use in order to compile your time-lapse!

For beginners, we recommend the GoPro Studio for both Mac and Windows. It's intuitive and produces great results! 

Other programs include Mac Timelapse Assembler, Timelapse Monkey, and for those who are already experienced in the Timelapse world, the almighty LRTimelapse along with Adobe Lightroom. 

For our purposes, we have a tutorial on our recommended free software, GoPro Studio! 

GoPro Time-lapse assembly tutorial 

GoPro Studio is an awesome and free software (you just have to register your email address with GoPro) you can download from their website.  
The GoPro Studio allows you to easily compile time-lapse videos for both Mac and Windows. Here’s a quick tutorial for putting together a basic time-lapse. 

1. Import photos 


2. To simplify the process, you want to have all your photos in the time-lapse inserted into a single folder in chronological order. 

3. Click on your fresh new clip under "import files". 

4. From here, you can go into advanced settings and change around the resolution, as well as the FPS of your new time-lapse clip. We recommend setting it to 1080p with 24FPS (23.98).


5. Hit “Add Clip to Conversion List” and it will create a workable file on the right side. If you’re satisfied with how it looks, you can go ahead and press “Convert”.


6. Now you can edit the clip however  you like in Step 2. This is all up to your stylistic preference. After you’re done editing, you can hit “Export”.

7. Exporting the file will allow you to choose where you want the file to go as well as some final settings for the clip.
You’re done and and have made your first basic time-lapse! 


You can check out a more in depth tutorial here at the Have Camera Will Travel Website.