Michron With 3rd Party Sliders

If you want to use a Michron to control your camera for a bulb ramp while also moving your camera along a linear rail system, this is the tutorial for you! 



1 x Michron

1 x Motorized Linear Dolly System (such as the Dynamic Perception Stage 2)



Just set your Michron up on your Camera, and your Camera on your slider, as you normally would. Connect your Camera trigger cable between your Michron and your Camera. 



To avoid motion during your time-lapse, you need to synchronize the motion of your Michron and your slider system. The first part of this is to program the same interval (time between photos) into both devices. Make sure that your maximum Bulb ramping shutter time does not exceed your interval! 


The next step is to synchronize the two devices so that the camera is only being triggered when your system is stationary. You can do this by pre-programming your Michron with your settings, and then unplugging your camera cable from it. Get everything else in your system set up, and then start your linear dolly. Wait for it to complete a motion, and then immediately plug the camera cable into your Michron to turn it on. Your Michron will start it's first exposure almost immediately, and you should be all set! 


Please note that this method relies on synchronization between the Michron and an external device. While we know that Michron is extremely accurate in the timing of it's shutter actions, we cannot guarantee that all 3rd party devices are. We, and our customers, have had success with Dynamic Perception's products, but with a  cheaper slider system, there is always the risk that the two units could become out of synchronization over time.