Time Lapse with Michron


  1. Turn on your camera, and arrange the shot as you would like it to appear in your time-lapse
  2. Open the Michron app and select 'New Time-Lapse'
  3. Adjust the Duration and Interval to your liking
  4. Press the right arrow in the bottom corner of the screen
  5. Plug the AUX cable into Michron’s left port and plug the other end into your phones headphone jack
  6. Plug the rounded end of the camera cable into Michron’s right port, and the other end into your camera (note that for some cameras both ends of the cable are identical)
  7. Press upload. To verify that this has worked properly, check that the LED flashes red when you press the Upload button.
  8. Sit back and relax while Michron commands your camera to take the images that you want
  9. When your camera stops taking images and/or the duration that you wanted has expired, you can disconnect Michron.