Using the Radian 2 with your Camera Phone



The new Radian 2 app is designed to not only work with DSLR cameras but with your phone's camera as well. You just need to get a cell phone mount and attach it to the Radian 2. It is recommended that mount allows the phone to be centered on the Radian 2. We have recommendations. Currently Photos and Time Lapse work and Video is under development. Overview of supported features.

The reason for this page is to show how the features are used.


  • Create a new time lapse
  • Upload a queued set of time lapses
  • Load a preset/saved time lapse
  • Use Direct Drive for smooth video panning (Max=4 degrees/sec)
  • Access app and programming settings



Time Lapse

  • Time lapse movement degrees/slide length
  • Time lapse Duration
  • Time lapse Interval
  • Save time lapse to Presets
  • Access Advanced time lapse controls
  • Preview of time lapse



Advanced Time Lapse

  • Delay the start of your time lapse
  • Ramp your movement interval (Speed Ramping)
  • Ramp your camera's Exposure (Bulb Ramping)
  • Specify Hold Time to make sure camera is triggered



Bulb Ramp Settings

  • Delay the start of your bulb ramp
  • Specify duration for shifting light conditions
  • Specify initial exposure value
  • Input exposure change depending on situation (Sunsets=1.0-1.2 is best)
  • Preview of time lapse



Pan/Tilt/Slide Settings

  • Specify movement/degrees for Panning, Tilting, or Sliding (Linear)
  • Preview your movement (4'/second speed) and return to starting postion
  • Time Lapse preview (based on advanced app settings)
  • Drag wheel or tap number to adjust



Interval Ramping

  • Drag keyframes to create different speed intervals
  • Smoothly slow down or speed up transitions
  • Reset to preset straight-line graph
  • Integrated for Pan, Tilt, and Linear movement control



Upload Time Lapse (image in process!)

  • Make sure  audio cable is securely inserted into Radian
  • Upload is successful if Radian LED holds Green
  • Time lapse estimate screen will appear to monitor time lapse
  • Stop Radian before uploading another time lapse



Preset/Queue Time Lapses

  • Create your own presets and name them appropriately
  • Quickly upload a time lapse to capture the action
  • Sequence up time lapses for shifts, separate tracking, or other fun ideas!



Direct Drive

  • Maximum panning speed is 4 degrees/second 
  • Specify degrees over time period



App Settings

  • Specify if using a PC Sync Cable
  • Execute on Start: automatically starts last uploaded TL at startup
  • Specify your slider length for accurate linear movement estimates
  • Specify your frame rate for accurate time lapse estimates
  • Learn more about Radian 1
  • Check you're up to date with the latest Radian 1 App and Firmware (R2)



App Version

  • Specify your Radian's FW version: R1 or R2
  • Check you're up to date with the latest Radian App version