Using the Radian 2 with your Camera Phone

The new Radian 2 app is designed to not only work with DSLR cameras but with your phone's camera as well. You just need to get a cell phone mount and attach it to the Radian 2. It is recommended that mount allows the phone to be centered on the Radian 2. We have recommendations. Overview of supported features



Radian 2 Phone Camera Options

  • Photo
  • Video (under development)
  • Time Lapse
  • HDR
  • Direct Drive
  • Devices
  • Settings




  • Use Phone Camera
  • Enable Phone Camera Preview
  • Front Camera/Back Camera Selection
  • Radian 2 Connection Status and Selected Camera Connection
  • Camera Settings (camera icon)



Video (under development)

  • Select Video Resolution
  • Use 5 deg Increment for changing Rotation Degrees
  • Set Rotation Degrees (there are limits based on Resolution)
  • Set Rotation Time (there are limits based on Resolution)
  • Set Rotation Direction
  • Camera Settings (camera icon)
  • Video Support Menu (video camera icon)



Time Lapse

  • Time lapse movement degrees/slide length
  • Pan/Tilt/Slide - Slide under construction
  • Time Lapse Interval
  • Time Lapse Duration
  • Rotation Degrees
  • Rotation Direction
  • Enable Delay
  • Set Delay (if Enable activated)
  • Time Lapse Parameters
  • Camera Settings (phone icon)
  • Access Advanced time lapse controls (...)



Advanced Time Lapse

  • Exposure Ramp (shutter and ISO) - Does not work with Phone Camera
  • Bulb Ramp - Does not work with Phone Camera
  • Speed Ramp (under construction) - Does not work with Phone Camera
  • Set Rotation Degrees - See Direct Drive description below
  • Save Preset
  • Load Preset
  • Load Queue (up to 3 Presets)




Save as Preset

  • Name - Enter Preset name
  • Save




Load as Preset

  • Scroll through Saved Presets
  • Load current Preset
  • Delete current Preset



Set Rotation Degrees/Direct Drive

  • Two purposes
    • Time Lapses - used for setting the amount of rotation and duration to help set up a time lapse
    • Direct Drive - used to rotate the Radian 2 one of four speeds in either direction for moving a payload in a circle
  • Start - Start rotation
  • Stop - Stop rotation
  • Set rotation direction
  • Time: time counter
  • Degrees: degrees counter
  • Save - Save parameters for a Time Lapse
  • Clear - Clear Time and Degrees





  • Show available and connected devices (blue check mark)
  • Slide down to scan for devices





  • About - App and Firmware version
  • Submit a Bug
  • Use Phone Camera (Alternate way to enable phone camera)




Submit a Bug

  • Enter Name, Email and problem description (the more that is entered here the easier it is for us to help you)
  • Submit - send log file to