Time Lapse with Radian 2

  1. Set up your Radian 2 on a tripod, with your camera attached on top, and align your shot. 
    1. If taking a panning time lapse, make sure that your Radian 2 is level, using the included bubble level
    2. If taking a tilting time lapse, please see the Tilting With Radian tutorial for setup instructions
  2. Turn your Radian 2 and your smartphone app on, and wait for the app to connect to your Radian. When it does so, you will get an alert from the app
  3. Connect your Radian 2 to your camera via the camera cable included with your Radian 2 order
  4. Set your timelapse settings, and let hit the "Start Time Lapse" button to initiate your Time Lapse
    1. We recommend you start out with speeds of less than .1 degree per photo, and a total # of photos in the range of 200-400 photos




How Exactly Does Radian 2 Decide On The Timing Of Its Motions?

Radian 2 is a Move-Shoot-Move device, meaning that it does not move while your camera is taking a photo, to ensure crisp footage. This is in contrast to something like an egg timer, which is always rotating. To ensure that Radian 2 has fully stopped moving before it triggers your camera to take a photo, there is a delay between when Radian 2 stops moving, and when it tells your camera to start taking a photo. The details of this timing are shown in the below graphic.


  • Once connected to the App, check your Radian's Firmware version using the Radian Legacy app to make sure your unit is fully up to date.
  • Make sure your Radian 2 is not connected to your phone's Bluetooth- Radian 2 operates on Bluetooth Low Energy and will automatically pair with your phone in the App. Pairing your Radian 2 with your phone will disable BLE.
  • Make sure your camera's settings are connected to the app before attempting to upload a time lapse. The time it takes for this connection varies from phone to phone and camera to camera due to Bluetooth settings and USB interface signals.