11 Joshua Tree Timelapse, Slider Update, and Amazon R2

Hi Everyone,

In this post, we’ve got another amazing National Park timelapse, an update on our progress with the slider, and some photos on what we’ve been up to.


Joshua Tree National Park

Will and Jim Pattiz and are two brothers with the ambitious idea to document the beauty of every National Park in the US through timelapse and video. We were especially excited to hear their next video was of Joshua Tree as this is a park we used to visit while growing up. They've done a great job again and we are glad that Radian and Michron could be a part of their process. More Than Just Parks is an inspiring project and we hope you will both enjoy the film and consider donating to their cause. 


Slider Update

We have spent the last few weeks testing and refining our slider prototype and have made some important changes. The current iteration is now belt driven and all around feels more robust. We also adjusted the positioning of the metal carriage to make the kit more compact as well as trimmed it down to minimize weight. The photo below from the machine shop is a rough cut of the metal bracket that will hold Radian to the slider.  


We’ve gotten a few questions about R1 compatibility and wanted to let you know that yes, the slider kit will be functional with both the R1 and R2 Radian. The process of programming and synchronizing units will be the same as for doing a pan-tilt timelapse. Lastly, we will sadly not be meeting our original March release, but are still making progress refining the prototype and should have the slider kit out in April. 


Amazon and Nikon

After jumping through many many hoops with some new Amazon policies we finally got Radian for Nikon up and live. Please note that Amazon Radians all have R2 software, and we are very close to having that be the case for Radians purchased from the website as well. You can see Radian for Nikon here.


All the best,

Alpine Team