12 BBC Earth Timelapse, Instagram, and Tested.com

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This week we've got an incredible BBC Earth time lapse video, a photo from our new Instagram account, and a cool Tech Tip by Tested.com.


BBC Earth:

Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinović are at it again with another time lapse for BBC. They are also embarking on an ambitious new Kickstarter campaign which aims to showcase America's most beautiful starscapes while also raising awareness about city light pollution and the psychological affects of a sky without stars. We cannot think of a better duo to take this on and we highly recommend you check out their Kickstarter campaign here.




In general we are mostly focused on making products, shooting tutorials, and having good customer support, so we’ve been quite behind on the social media wave. We did however just get an Instagram account and have started posting a few photos of what we are up to. Instagram has also shown us some great timelapses and photos from what you've been shooting! If you are interested to see more follow us @alpinelabs

 This is a still from a Radian timelapse that Greg took while on a climbing trip to Bishop, CA.


Tech Tip by Tested.com

The folks over at Tested.com found a pretty creative use for Radian. Instead of using Radian for just pannning and tilting, they attached an arm so that the camera rotates around a centered subject. Definitely a unique effect. Check out the the full writeup here



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