10 Dolomites, Auto-Bramping, and Slider Update

2015 Is Here!

We hope you all enjoyed the winter holidays! This week we have an update on the Radian linear adaptor, a beautiful time lapse from the Dolomites, and a tech tip on taking a bulb ramp using your camera's automatic settings. 


Linear Slider Update

We've gotten some more questions about the linear slider adaptor for Radian, and we now have some more answers! We've made some big changes to the original design, and we're really happy with how the new prototype is coming together. Because it seems that everyone has slightly different needs when it comes to a slider, we've decided to make this system an add-on to currently existing non-motorized linear sliders. This is instead of building one from the ground up, and it will allow you flexibility in selecting the slider you want to use. 

This system will allow you to quickly take your Radian in and out of the slider as well, so that you can use one Radian for either rotary or linear motion. You will also be able to use one Radian in the linear set up, and one on top of the slider for two axis linear + rotary time lapses. 


Dolomites Time Lapse

This beautiful time lapse features the Dolomites (in Norther Italy), which have now made it onto our travel bucket lists.

 This film was shot by Franco Grisa using a Radian and a home-built slider system.

Tech Tip #7 - Auto Bulb-Ramping

In this week’s tech tip I’ll be talking about how to take a “Bulb Ramp” (AKA Bramp) using your camera’s automatic features. This is actually one of my favorite tricks for keeping light levels relatively smooth, even during regular daylight time-lapses, but it can also make taking sunrise or sunset time lapses much simpler. Click here for the full Tech Tip!


All the best,

Alpine Team