9 Amazon, Santa Claus Time Lapse, Holiday Shipping

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

In this post we have a couple bits of news regarding holiday shipping, Amazon, and a comical time lapse of hundreds of Santas roaming the streets of San Francisco.


Holiday Shipping

For US residents, today (Dec 17th) is the last day to get your order in to ensure Christmas arrival. For international customers we apologize as we are not able to make guarantees given the variability of customs clearances.


Amazon Prime

Radian and Michron are now available on Amazon and most with Prime Shipping! If you want give Radian or Michron as a gift for Christmas and miss the 17th deadline for our site, Amazon will still have 2-Day and 1-Day shipping available meaning you have until the 22nd* or the 23rd* respectively to get your package before Christmas. Click Here to check us out on Amazon!

*This is according to Amazon site


Santa Claus Time Lapse

Every year before Christmas, San Francisco locals dress up as Santa Claus and roam the city in a giant festive pub crawl. Greg was in the city that weekend and was able to capture some of the madness.



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