Free Expedited Shipping to USA on Spark and Pulse

Pulse Hits $1 Million and Radians 2's are shipping

Hi Everyone,

Steve here with the update - we've got two big pieces of news today. The Pulse campaign closes in about 18 hours and Radian 2’s are shipping to Kickstarter Backers right now. What a week!  We’ve also got a pretty incredible time lapse to share as well.


The Pulse Kickstarter campaign closes this Friday at 9pm PST, and it just hit $1 million in funding! That’s more than our past 3 Kickstarter campaigns combined. Once things calm down a bit, we’ll write up a post explaining what this means for Alpine Labs and our current users. But for now we just wanted to give you all a heads up that we’re entering into the final stretch of the campaign and the last chance to get Pulse at the current discounted price.


Radian 2's are shipping

We are certainly bummed about the delays we experienced in getting Radian 2's finally out the door, but we are really glad to be finally shipping! It ended up being a marathon week here, what with doing a firmware update on all devices (an unanticipated task), and starting to actually ship out about 1000 packages.

For those of you interested in getting a Radian 2, but who have not ordered one, we anticipate that we will be ready to ship the next set of orders in January. We also won’t have much extra stock once we’ve delivered on current pre-sales, so if you are pretty sure you want one, we recommend acting soon. We don’t know when the next batch will be built and ready, but it probably won’t be before April.


Dishdance Time Lapse

And no blog post would be complete without a stunning piece of time lapse videography. Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan are at it again with the latest installment for their SKYGLOW project. This video features observatories across the nation and the beautiful stars they look upon.



-Steve and The Alpine Team