17 Pulse Launches Tomorrow!

Hey Everyone!

Just following up on last week's blog post to let you know that...

Pulse goes live on Kickstarter tomorrow 9am PST (Nov 10th). 

Unfortunately we don’t get a Kickstarter campaign link until the page is actually live, so we’ll send out a follow-up e-mail tomorrow with the actual link once we get it. We can't wait to show you everything it does but for now here is a little more information.

So what is Pulse?

Pulse controls your camera through its USB port, and is wirelessly controlled by your smartphone or tablet over bluetooth. Like Radian 2 it can also operate as a standalone device for time lapse control, and it can move thumbnail images to your camera. 


It is Small

We’ve designed Pulse to be compact, so that you can always have it with you, without having to plan ahead. And with its internally rechargeable battery (and 24+ hours of battery life) Pulse saves the hassle of carrying extra batteries.

It is Powerful

Pulse has a 100ft range to your smartphone or tablet, making it ideal for group shots and epic selfies, as well as for capturing crisp long exposure images. You can also now shoot video and control multiple cameras at once.


It Takes Epic Time Lapses

While Pulse is very much designed to be a remote camera trigger, we’re still suckers for a good time lapse controller, and we’ll be putting a whole lot of cool time lapse features into Pulse. And with Pulse’s control of your ISO and Shutter speed, this will allow for effortless day to night time lapses in a compact and affordable device.

That’s all for now, be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the official page link once it goes live tomorrow morning!

-The Alpine Team