7 Pan Tilt Tutorial, Tech Tip #6, And Hour of Code

Why Hello There! 

This week we’ve got a new tutorial, Tech Tip #6, and a pretty impactful crowdfunding campaign! You also may notice that we have a new website-we think it’s a big improvement, especially for reading text!

Pan Tilt Radian Tutorial

In addition to being able to use Radian for Rotation either horizontally (panning) or vertically (tilting) you can also pair 2 Radians to both pan and tilt your camera at the same time. Click Here for the full Pan Tilt Radian Tutorial.



Tech Tip #6 : Radian R2 Improved Workflow

Last Tech Tip (#5), I talked about some of the more technical details of the Radian software update, and this week I’ll be focusing on how to take advantage of the new features to improve your workflow when setting up a time lapse. This is a quick tech tip and it should make using Radian even easier! Click Here for the full Tech Tip #6


The Hour of Code

Since we ourselves came from a pair of Crowdfunding campaigns, we like to keep our eyes open for other campaigns that we think are both interesting and impactful. Which brings us to the Hour of Code Campaign, currently running on Indiegogo. Their basic premise is that “Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science”, which is something we wholeheartedly agree with. Even if you can’t donate, please take a look at their page, spread the word, and put pressure on your local school to take part.