6 Linear System and Michron Pro Tip #1

Hi there!

In this week’s post, we’ve got an update on a project we’ve been working on, a Michron Pro Tip, and an exciting new Kickststarter Project that we recently got to meet in person.

Radian Linear Slider System - in the works

Many of you have asked about using Radian for linear motion and we wanted to let you know that we are working on a linear slider system that can be driven by your Radian.




We have been working on this on the side and now that the Radian R2 Software Upgrade is out, we have more time to dedicate to the system. We had hoped to release it before the winter holidays, but we’ve decided to wait until afterwards, to ensure that we have the time to make the app interface and mechanical design as intuitive as possible. We currently plan to release in early spring. Our goal is to make the easiest-to-use, most intuitive linear system available and we will keep you all in the loop as that progresses and is finalized.


Test Footage:

We've done a few tests and we are happy with how smooth the footage is. Any choppiness you may see is due to video playback error only - we analyzed the video at 1/3 the speed to ensure this.

Radian Slider System Prototype from Alpine Labs on Vimeo.




Michron Pro Tip #1 - % Movement

Movement is what makes time lapse interesting. Think about the moving subjects in your shot, what percentage of the frame they occupy, and how to creatively compose your shot to increase that amount. 

In this example Mike Hitchner doubles the amount of movement in his shot by taking advantage of the reflection of the clouds at Reflection Lake, Mt. Rainier. For more tips on how to take better TL’s, click here.



Kickstarter National Park Project:

We recently had the the good fortune of meeting the creator of the National Parks Poster Project on Kickstarter. Robert Decker plans to recreate the iconic posters of the 1930’s and 40’s for all 59 National Parks. The goals of the campaign are to create beautiful printed artwork and to remind us of why our National Parks are worth visiting and protecting - something that is a near and dear to us as well. Check the project HERE