15 Mt. Hood Time Lapse Video and Guest Tech Tip

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Greg here checking in - we are excited to be wrapping up the final week of the Radian 2 Kickstarter campaign and today our friend Tyler Hulett released an incredible time lapse video of Mt. Hood up in Oregon. His video contains some amazing landscapes and starscapes, but also showcases his ability to perform the circular float technique with Radian for some beautiful flower scenes. He even wrote a guest tech tip for us explaining his technique which can be found below.

Mt. Hood in Spring

This video takes advantage of Tyler’s local knowledge and captures the less-travelled East face of the mountain. Although Hood is a popular place to ski and travel, Tyler was able to capture a more remote and untouched aspect of the peak, free of highways and artificial lights. Hood is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Northwest, enjoy!



Guest Tech Tip: Circular Float Shots

by Tyler Hulett

In this tech tip, Tyler shows us how to hack your Radian to make beautiful, BBC-style circular float shots. This is the technique he used in the Mt. Hood in Spring video and an example clip can be seen below.

Click here to see his full writeup.


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Greg and the Alpine Team