1 New Videos, Free Shipping, Tech Tip #1

This is our first Alpine Labs blog post. We plan on releasing a post every other week and would like these to become a resource for Radian and Michron users as well as time lapse enthusiasts in general. This week we have:


  • Time Lapse Of The Week 

  • Labor Day Sale (Free Shipping!)

  • 4 New Video Tutorials

  • Tech Tip #1 : Taking Better Time Lapses

  • Vivo Labs and Alpine Labs Joining Forces

Video of the Week

Sometimes the best way to expand your own abilities is to watch some sweet footage and we don’t know that we’ve ever seen anything as creative and mesmerizing as this video from last year’s Burning Man.


Labor Day Sale

To celebrate Labor Day and close out the summer, we are offering Free Worldwide Shipping on all Alpine Labs orders of $50 and up! And if you buy 2 Radians, we’ll even ship it Express, free of charge. The sale will run from this Saturday through Monday (Pacific Standard Time)

New Tutorials

Not only do we have 4 new video tutorials up on the site, but we’ve also cleaned up the text tutorials and added a couple of support videos as well. Click here to see the new tutorials.

New Tutorials Include:

  1. How Michron Works
  2. Michron Troubleshooting
  3. How Radian Works
  4. Radian Troubleshooting


Tech Tip #1 :  Taking Better Time Lapses

To start off our Tech Tip Series, we’re going to give some advice on how to take better time lapses! We will cover the following topics in this article :

  • Framing and planning your time lapse
  • Choosing your duration and interval
  • Selecting camera settings
  • Utilizing rotation 
  • Editing and compiling your time lapse

And if you get all the way to the bottom (or just skip ahead), we will even have a cheat sheet with recommended settings for some common scenarios.

Click Here to see the full Tech Tip #1

Vivo Labs and Alpine Labs Merger Announcement

Radian and Michron are now under the same roof of Alpine Labs! For those who aren’t familiar with Michron, it is a stationary time lapse intervalometer that shares the same smartphone interface as Radian and fits in your pocket.

Now that we have a bigger, more experienced team, we will be able to provide more tutorials, more app updates, and just better support the time lapse community overall. We are also really excited about our increased ability to focus on making time lapse and motion time lapse more accessible to photographers.