Radian 2 - Pulse Bundle

Advanced Time Lapses using the Radian 2 in combination with the Pulse

Combining the rotational capabilities of the Radian 2 with the advanced time lapse capabilities of the Pulse can lead to even more spectacular time lapses.

The Radian 2 offers some advanced features for Canon and Nikon cameras including take a photo, HDR and bulb, ISO and exposure ramp for time lapses. The Pulse offers some more advanced features including Video, Long Exposure Time Lapse, HDR Time Lapse and Long Exposure as well as thumbnails.

By combining the Radian 2 and the Pulse you can stretch your imagination even further to create spectacular time lapses and videos.

Radian 2/Pulse bundle:For customers who are interested in testing their limits we are offering a Radian 2/Pulse bundle for $310 (a $58 savings). Order with the USB cable variant for your camera: https://alpinelaboratories.com/pages/pulse-support-cable-checker_s.

Please select your camera so we can send you the right cable for your Radian 2 - Pulse Bundle.

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